Former Sidekick 2 User - First Q Impressions

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by wrxtc82, Jul 5, 2006.

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    Former Sidekick 2 User - First Q Impressions

    Hi Everyone,

    Although my time with my Q is limited (few days), this site has been a great source of info. I already have Agile Messenger installed which was one of my concerns coming from the T-mobile Sidekick 2 which has AOL IM pre-installed.

    My initial impressions of the Q are favorable, but right now I'm just trying to relearn how to do everyday tasks. I consider myself technologically savy (aren't we all if we're here? :) ) but it sure is hard to break old habits

    Some minor gripes:
    • Do you have to press the up arrow (shift) key everytime you begin typing to make the first letter uppercase? Kinda frustrating for
    • I'm still adjusting to the keyboard, although it's not as cramped as some (treo), it's not as roomy as the SK2. It's a bit hard to quickly unlock the phone
    • What is up with the Task program? I can't seem to assign priorities, dates, or sort... frustrating
    • D'oh! I thought it took SD not 'mini' SD cards (I didn't realize they made them even smaller!)
    In the end, I have more pros about the Q than cons (and many can be solved with 3rd party software and just time getting use to the device). I'm looking fowards to reading about eveyone else's experiences, tips, tricks, etc.


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