Forced to move from Android to focus , please tell me it gets better

Discussion in 'Samsung Focus' started by drlloyd11, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    Today I was issued a company cellphone to replace my personal one, which was a g2.
    I decided to give it a shot, and of course it is free.
    Day one hasnt been so good

    -No Tethering
    -No apps..I mean zilch
    -weird interface, its very much like AOLfrom 1999.It seems more like a flashy internet portal.
    -poor gmail integration

    and questions like
    -why is there a radio? Is there anyone on earth who would use it?
    -Why is the only way to get to applications by scrolling to the right?
    And I wanted to ask other users
    -how is the GPS navigation?
    -How is the voice recognition?

    Help me out here, I want to keep the free phone, and I am a fairly loyal Microsoft user and former employee. My loathing for Apple and its legion of yuppies is imeasureable.
    Tell me what I am missing?
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    Nov 24, 2010
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    Which "g2" are you using exactly?

    Anyway, tethering can be enabled through many un-official methods or officially depending if you have AT&T or not (and the 3GB data plan which includes tethering).

    There are plenty of applications at this point in time, if they don't have a few specific applications that you may be used to on Android, keep in mind the Android market is one of the most open ones of all the mobile app stores.

    The interface is what makes Windows Phone OS's simple, it's unique, it's metro.

    What do you dislike about the Gmail integration exactly? It works fine for me, Google Calendar, Email and even Contacts sync fine and integrate enough for what I need.

    I use the radio, I'm sure many users use the radio. Some people in this world still listen to the radio from time to time, especially to keep up on gossip and news. The radio was something brought over from the Zune MP3 player.

    You don't always have to visit the app list to get into an application. You can also use the search touch key on the bottom left, or even voice commands to pull up absolutely any installed application.

    The GPS navigation has always impressed me. I had a 3GS previous to my current (and only Windows Phone so far) Samsung Focus (1st gen) and since day one this GPS has always been more accurate and responsive than my iPhone 3GS ever was. I spent more time spinning around my 3GS in that silly figure 8 formation than actually using the GPS.

    The voice recognition is probably the first and biggest thing that impressed me when I first received my Samsung Focus Windows Phone. I have never had problems with it unless I'm in a loud environment, but in that case you should realize the situation. I use it to access applications, send texts and place calls all the time. I love showing it off.
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    Jan 18, 2012
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    I have an ios3.14 touch, a 2.3 android tablet and a focus running 7.5 so I have all three systems.
    WM 7.5 is by far the sleekest, the easiest to use and the live tiles give you all the information you need in real time. In comparison the Ios and android systems look and feel quite dated. I hear android 5.0 will compete with WM in look but the feel is just great.
    It is great to show off and have people wondering what it is, especially here in Europe where there aren't too many WM phones around.
    The only downside is the logging onto hidden wifi connection. I just can't log on to my corporate site.
    Apps-wise, the ones you need are on WM, there is alot of chaff, but looking at the Android APP store, most of the stuff there is crap anyway.

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