For Windows Mobile: how to transfer contacts to desktop pc

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    For Windows Mobile: how to transfer contacts to desktop pc

    Many Microsoft Mobile users have asked how to transfer their contacts along with contact photos to their desktop computer. They need to backup their contacts somewhere in case of data loss, especially for those who have so many important clients’ contacts on their mobile phone. They just need a way to backup their contacts. What shall they do?
    Here I'd like to share my experience:
    I installed this Microsoft Mobile Contact to PC Transfer program called GodswMobile Contact Transfer in my mobile phone and transfer all my contacts from my phone to my computer, or just backup them on my phone.

    What can it help you?
    - Transfer contacts from windows mobile to pc;
    - Transfer both SIM card contacts, Outlook contacts and mobile contacts;
    - Restore contacts to another Windows Mobile;
    - An application enclosed for Windows computer to view, add, delete, modify and print contacts;
    - Save and restore contacts in case of phone crash or lost;
    - Backup contacts as TXT file and CTS file;
    - Backup contacts long with contact photos and ringtones.
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  2. Really it' amazing , before couple of the day my cell was stolen and i lost my all the contact and mailing address details , after i am finding software which help to sort out my problem ,while on words i read this post i am very happy it's work .

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