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    Font Changer

    Description: Are you tired of the fonts on the Sliding Panel Home Screen and your boring System Fonts? This cab file will install and enable a set of fonts for use in your Blackjack with WM 6.1. By default it will set the system font and sliding panel fonts to "Poor Richard" (because I like how that looks. Make sure you backup your Chome_320x240.cpr file prior to installing this cab. Instructions are included in the install folder for manually changing the fonts to others that you may have or the other fonts included with the program.

  2. rudeboy

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    installed it... too me not worth it, i might as well change the .cpr myself BUT.. judge for yourself.
  3. rudeboy

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    Sorry to resurrect this thread, but wondering if anyone ever figured out how to change the recent programs, start menu, contacts, etc. font?
    I've modded the CHome_320x240.cpr file (manually searching for Segoe Condensed instances), the SlidingPanel.home.xml file and the following reg values:





    The new font shows up everywhere except the above-mentioned places. It even shows in start menu list view, but not grid view or category view. Any ideas/suggestions? TIA
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    Hey Mods !!!!

    Hey Mods... .can we get a sticky for slipding panel wallpapers?
    The homescreen collection sticky is pretty much for non-sliding panel homescreens.
    Sliding panel wallpapers need to be much less "busy" and there are eough members here now using sliding panels that we should be able to get a decent collection up.

    Thanks !!!
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    we were asked that went it first came out...we decided to stick with the main thread (there are a few tere) since there werent that many created since its just a background image

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    I am currently in search of ways to change all the screens to my desired font. I thought that changing the other Chome*.png files might do it, but i know there is more. My search continues...
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    Sliding Panel homescreen

    Ok, so now I have another question regarding the sliding panel homescreen. I heard that there should be a way to reassign the Right Menu button for other homescreens, like for example reassigning it to the Task Manager for easy switching of applications. I want to do that with the Sliding Panel homescreen. Any ideas, gentlemen?:022:unsure

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