Focus locked to ATT?

Discussion in 'Samsung Focus' started by TheDFO, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. TheDFO

    TheDFO Member

    Does anyone know if ATT is locking the Focus to their network?

    The why I care is boring, just a yes/no would be great.
  2. Thai Le

    Thai Le New Member

    Yes it is locked to ATT. I think you can call ATT to see if you can get the unlock code for it or otherwise go to the xda developer forum to see if there is a way to unlock it.
    What provider were you looking to use it on? Because if it is Tmobile, I don't believe the 3g will work on their network but edge will.
  3. johndandison

    johndandison New Member

    T-Mobile's 3G is incompatible with ATT's. And yes, the Focus is locked to ATT. Not only locked to ATT, but SIM locked to the SIM that comes with the phone. I tried to pop in my ATT BlackBerry 9700 SIM and it told me it was invalid. I had to call and go through the activation process.
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  4. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Thanks. That's good to know. I should be getting my Focus in the mail today. First thing I will do is call At&t to activate my sim.
  5. tdxl

    tdxl New Member

    I just bought my new Focus locked to at&t. since I live in Mexico had to unlock it, after three vendors attempt finally got one vendor who did it in less than 24 hours. or you can find it on the ebay stores. Recommended.
    I am happily using my Focus in Mexico, good device...

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