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Discussion in 'Samsung Focus' started by TBryan, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. TBryan

    TBryan New Member

    After turning off some of the features on my Focus the last couple of days I still have a problem that leads me to believe that I may either have a defective battery or I should have done something differently the first few times I charged the battery...anyway, the battery begins to drop in strength really quickly on my phone and can barely make it 6 hours without going from completely charged to completely drained...and that's without even using it as phone or anything else. Any thoughts?
  2. kareljack

    kareljack Active Member

    That sounds like a faulty battery. Take the phone to the store where you purchased it and ask for a new battery.
  3. Fleon

    Fleon New Member

    That's way off, I agree. I get at least 2-3 days without using it.
  4. TBryan

    TBryan New Member

    I took the phone to the AT&T Store yesterday morning and they replaced the battery for free. Once back home I noticed the phone continuing to do what it was doing before having a new was draining almost as quickly as watching the gas gauge on a large SUV doing 90MPH on the highway. Seeing what was happening, I decided to do a hard re-boot of the phone and starting over. I think that one of the apps that I had downloaded in that last week was causing it, but I don't know which one. Now I'm less open to downloading apps because of this. So far this morning the phone is back to normal and the battery is showing no signs of quick discharge. Hopefully this lasts...stay tuned.
  5. jtzako

    jtzako New Member

    I noticed that more than once my phone has gone into a fast drain mode. I believe it is related to a download from the marketplace that doesnt complete properly. I have been able to reproduce it by trying to 'update' an app that is in free trial mode. It wont complete the update but then after that my battery will drain quickly until I reboot the phone.
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  6. Joey Pruett

    Joey Pruett New Member

    Is there an app to monitor which apps are running? Even better, which apps are taking up resources such as battery life, bandwidth, etc?
  7. NSH

    NSH New Member

    Battery life is killing me. I took my phone to AT&T and they replaced the entire phone/battery. Configured everything, turned off a ton of features and the battery still drains way too quick in my opinion.

    I use it throughout the day some for listening to music, surfing, etc but not enough that the battery should drop to 30% by 12pm after pulling it off the charger at 7am. Wife has an iPhone and uses it throughout the day and still has half battery by the end of it.
  8. TBryan

    TBryan New Member

    After I deleted all downloaded apps and started over, my phone has gone back to having its great, original battery life. I think that one of the apps that I downloaded caused my battery to drain quickly...similar to yours.
  9. NSH

    NSH New Member

    Update: After a few days of getting full charges on AC power all appears to be better. Battery life is actually holding for the majority of the day all the while surfing, texting, listening to music, etc.

    I have been turning off WiFi when not in use but I am going to leave it on today to see if it has any noticeable impact.

    I don't have push notification configured for my two email accounts (Set to check 30 minutes/2 hours)so that will be another experiment.

    Location is turned on

    Feedback enabled

    I have turned off checking for updates from the phone

    Screen time out 1 minute

    Brightness set to high and auto adjust is off

    I am using the Facebook integration so updates happen pretty often.

    Using Weatherbug with live tiles so that is another item that is updating

    All in all I am extremely pleased with the improvement in battery life. I'll update if anything else comes up.
  10. achmeingott

    achmeingott New Member

    When I first got my phone, my battery was lasting about 6 hours with regular use. After 4 days, I hit my 2gb cap, obviously there was something wrong. Tracked it down to my email accounts, all that were set up through pop were constantly syncing. Apparently there's an issue where the phone checks the server, downloads all the messages, checks the server, redownloads everything, checks the server, redownloads everything, etc, etc. If you use gmail, set it up through the Outlook option using activesync. This will enable calendars, contacts and true push rather than pop or imap. If you use yahoo, then don't.
  11. BeanCntr87

    BeanCntr87 New Member

    With my device, I've noticed that hte speakers get left on randomly. I'll here the open air noise from them even when I hadn't touched my device for a couple hrs. Anyone else seem to be having a similar issue?
  12. achmeingott

    achmeingott New Member

    It's been officially confirmed that the phantom data leak issue (which also caused terrible battery life) is associated with yahoo. If you don't want to wait for a fix, you can go into your options on yahoo make your way to account settings, and under "set language, site and time zones" change the "regional site" to yahoo asia. This will enable pop and forwarding without paying for yahoo plus. Then just set it up to forward to a hotmail/live account, set that up through the phone to use MS's exchange server, and your data/battery issues are gone.
  13. cheshirecat

    cheshirecat New Member

    While not exactly a battery issue, this ASUS program amps up your USB [not sure how much but it helps quite a bit] if you have a ASUS motherboard. While I and other iPad folks have used it, we don't warrant it in any way.

    I hear/read that this works on nearly any computer. Probably not older Macs. Has anyone else here tried it.
  14. RIX78

    RIX78 New Member

    After reading through many posts with battery draining issues and having same with my phone.
    I did some changes to setting and now my phone does not need another changer between 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM

    Tips to save Battery life on Samsung Focus. I do the following
    1.Change brightness from automatic to manual , and set brightness to low
    2.Turn bluetooth off
    3.Change screen lockout time from 1 min default to 30 seconds
    4. Turn wi-fi off at work, Can't use wi-fi while at work.I use wi-fi only at home or free wi-fi spots.
    5. Have 4 emails accounts configured , Each account sync once an hour.
    6. speech - have "Play audio confimation" checked. Rest 2 settings are unchecked
    7.Feedback is disabled
    8. Phone update - Both choices unchecked
    9.Application setting - Internet explorer Leave cookies and make sure mobile website is on
    10.Pic + Camera settings - First option is on, Rest all off.
    11. Besides that - Windows phone also connect to X-box and Zune , If you decide to not use them you can turn those features off.

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