Flash Your VZW Q9c/m From WM 6.0 TO WM 6.1

Discussion in 'Moto Q Hacks' started by Q-Area51, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Q-Area51

    Q-Area51 Guest

    You have WM 6.0. What carrier? :) -Q
  2. Madeuce1006

    Madeuce1006 New Member

    I have Verizon.
  3. Q-Area51

    Q-Area51 Guest

    From a distance I have absolutely no idea of what else to tell you. Swap out USB cables, maybe, but from here, I don't have anything else to offer. There's obviously something that I don't know about your phone, or the process you are using to flash. Sorry, man. :) -Q
  4. Madeuce1006

    Madeuce1006 New Member

    It's cool. I will try a different USB cable. The one I am using did not come with the phone but does allow a connection. If it doesn't work well.. that's just the way the pickle squirts.Unsure Thanks for your help!
  5. Q-Area51

    Q-Area51 Guest

    Yeah, yeah, but "something's" not right and that's the glitch. :) -Q
  6. Jynxx

    Jynxx New Member

    How do you do a hard reset of the phone before flashing it? I missed that step.
  7. Q-Area51

    Q-Area51 Guest

    Hold center d-pad key > press and hold end/power key > wait > answer "Yes" to the prompt. :) -Q
  8. mcharb53

    mcharb53 New Member

  9. Techcompsolutions

    Techcompsolutions New Member

    Actually Not to be a smarty pants but if you Force the Q9m into Bootloader you can run the Q9c MSU and it will update the firmware to have a Q9c full flashed firmware on it. Just saying. Not supporting it but its very possible.
  10. CellZealot

    CellZealot New Member

    Yo Techcomp! Figured you might show up here at some point!

    Listen to this guy...he knows what he's talking about. :wink:
  11. TowermanIN

    TowermanIN New Member

    Sprint Flash Issue

    I tried using the process described above with RSD Lite v4.5.3, Windows XP, a Q9C, and a Sprint WM 6.1 Monster file I found in another thread. It seemed to be going well, until I got to the checksum, then the process failed. Any helpful hints, or have I bricked it?
  12. Jackstep0832

    Jackstep0832 New Member

    the file to download the wm6.1 rom isnt working...anyone know where i can get it for verizon?
  13. CellZealot

    CellZealot New Member

    Q9c/Q9m Monster's and Upgrade Files http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EBL54IP5

    Generic Windows Mobile 6.1 for Q9c (or m) Monster Flash
    Verizon Q9c Windows Mobile 6.0 Monster Flash
    Verizon Q9c Windows Mobile 6.1 Customer Upgrade Flash
    Verizon Q9m Windows Mobile 6.0 Monster Flash

    ~188 MB
  14. CJCM

    CJCM New Member

    Does that monsters flash works, ??? i have a motorola q9c from sprint. Cant you upload just the Q9c flash to windwos mobile 6.1???
  15. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    see other thread where your question was answered
    its best not to ask the same questions in many threads, makes it hard to find your answer

    you still need RSD Lite to get the upgrade on your phone

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