flash to verizon from alltel???

Discussion in 'Verizon Wireless' started by lilH1990, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. lilH1990

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    flash to verizon from alltel???

    hello, sorry if this is repetitive, right now im sick of alltel they have horrible coverage! i was wondering if its possible to flash my alltel phone to verizon because their both cdma? would i have to clear the esn from alltel then see if the esn is available on verizon? thanks
  2. rudeboy

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    there are a couple of threads about it... some claim it can be done, i have never heard a success story though..

  3. lilH1990

    lilH1990 New Member

    oh do u know a link? thanks
  4. rudeboy

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    haha lol good 1
  6. raborn

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    By flashing your phone you void your warranty and myself and/or EQ takes no responsibility for this Guide.

    Yes it is very possible and can be successful just do a search on google for RSD Lite 4.1 and download and install.

    Now install the latest drivers from motodev here http://developer.motorola.com/docstools/USB_Drivers/

    Now download the Verizon FLash file from here

    Unzip the the flash file and place it on your desktop

    Now start RSD Lite and connect your phone

    Now just choose the file you want to flash your phone to but remember flashing your phone will cause you to lose everything on your phone......I mean YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING.

    Now usually the flash will fail the first time and the phone will be stuck in boot loader mode. Just disconnect your phone and take out the battery when RSD Lite says Flash Failed and Flash it again with the same file.

    Now call Verizon ....pending you have to have an account already and add the ESN to your account. And bam now you have an alltel phone flashed with verizon software.
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  7. jasharp

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    Can I ask where you've been having trouble with Alltel and the types of problems? I have verizon at the moment (and no problems with coverage or call quality), but was considering switching to alltel because the plans are about $35 a month cheaper. I don't want to go from good coverage to bad, but $35 a month adds up . . .

  8. dragon_fae

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    You rock

    These instructions worked awsome. Thank you very much you Rock. The only thing I changed was I used RSDlite 3.9 there are way to many viruses going around for the 4.1 still worked great only had to do it once went in great the first time. Thanks again for taking the time, and effort. You are awsome.:smile:
  9. pavilionlivin

    pavilionlivin New Member

    So I know this is an old thread, I have a Verizon Moto Q and I need to switch it to alltels format, anyone have any info on this??
  10. Aixelsyd

    Aixelsyd Active Member

    ^^^follow the exact same process. All you need is a copy of the Alltel Moto Q Rom ( ie flash file) and you should be good to go.
  11. pavilionlivin

    pavilionlivin New Member

    Can you send me the link for it? I'm awful at this ha
  12. coyote

    coyote New Member

    Me too! The instructions say gohere and download this or that but at ever site there are multiple choices of downloads. i don't know which one(s) to get?
  13. dezco88

    dezco88 New Member

    Didnt work for me....

    I followed all of the instructions listed out, and the flash worked the first time through. After the everything was up and running, I called Verizon to activate it, but they couldn't get the DEC number to switch.... (I guess Alltel uses a DEC and not the ESN) They were even able to tell it was an Alltel phone. So unless I got the wrong file, this did not work for my Moto Q..... :frown:
  14. dezco88

    dezco88 New Member

    More Detailed Info...

    Maybe someone has more detailed instructions, or even activation instructions... things to do and not to do. I was also wondering if anyone here knew a success story? I know there is a way to make this happen... well I can hope.
  15. Q-Area51

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  16. coyote

    coyote New Member

    I know it can be done, I don't know how. I bought a MotoQ off ebay that was advertised as a VErizon phone with clear ESN. When it arrived it looked and acted like a Verizon phone, connected to Verizon here in my hometown, but when I tried to activate it, they said no. ESN showed it to be a Alltell phone. Altell confirmed this too. I tried repeatedly to get it activated on Verizon but every attempt failed. Fortunately the seller - who claimed the phone had only been used a couple months and was "amazed" at my news this was an Altell phone was at least smart enough to take the phone back and refund my money. Word is even Altell could not activate it and it could not be flashed back. For all intents and purposes it was a piece of junk, no good to no one.
  17. melinda

    melinda New Member

    hello i seen your post i was wondering if you ever figured out how to switch ur
    Q to alltel, im trying to ind out how to do that myself
  18. ptd5014

    ptd5014 New Member

    fail every time

    I am trying to flash my motorola q from altell to verizon.
    I download the driver, rsd lite, and the monster file.
    After running the RSD program my phone would go into flash mode, but failed every time.

    "Failed flashing process. Failed flashing process. (0x7100); phone connected"

  19. Boredpianoman

    Boredpianoman New Member

    Quick question. What kind of phone do you have?
  20. ptd5014

    ptd5014 New Member

    motorola q

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