Fizz Monitor with extended battery

Discussion in 'Windows Phone Software' started by bragl123, Jul 3, 2009.

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    Fizz Monitor with extended battery

    I am using the Fizz Monitor with my Q9h extended battery. It always registers 80%. I also use Resco Photo Viewer that has an option to view the batter level. It registers the extended battery at 100%. Neither change even when my batter goes down to about 60%. Has anyone using the extended battery and either or both software noticed this? I have emailed Resco and Fizz. Resco said that this happens with the extended. I haven't heard from Fizz yet.

    I am not a software creator, but don't 3rd party aps usually use the registry edits on the device and design their ap to access and display differently than the current ap on the device?

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