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Discussion in 'HTC Arrive' started by caliborn, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. caliborn

    caliborn New Member

    I recieved my new Arrive this morning and have been messing around with it for most of the day. I'll write up a full review of it after the weekend but for now a couple of things are bothering me just a bit and I'm hoping I'll figure them out later.

    1. I don't like the way my Windows Messenger contacts are intergrated with my Outlook contacts. I don't want to even sign into messenger and I'm sure there's a setting I'm missing to accomplish this.

    2. Since I don't need to have Outlook syncing email all day I can't find a way to adjust peak and off-peak times. I used to be able to do this in WM6.5
  2. DarthTedd

    DarthTedd New Member

    1) The MS Live contacts are being picked up from when you logged into the phone with your Live account. I don't see a way to turn this off.

    2) The setup is much too simple from what I can see on the phone. I'm sure this type of feature will be added. When? No idear ...
  3. caliborn

    caliborn New Member

    1. I really don't like that. There should be an option to select what you want to sync. Now I have to go in and delete the duplicates from Outlook and MSN....grrrrr

    2. This is true. It is way too simple for what I'm asking. I hope that feature will will be added because i get terrible service at my office and that only drains my battery...

    Thanks for confirming what I found out.

    BTW....Love the Zune software/player....absolutely love it!!!
  4. DarthTedd

    DarthTedd New Member

    Indeed! The gaming & music is where this WP7 O/S really stands out IMO.

    There are definitely some quirks though. For example, the phone doesn't stay on when it's being charged in the car (like my Android does). It'll still time out after 5 minutes. I'd like an option to have the screen on all the time in case I'm using the maps or want to check out what song I'm on.

    Hey MS - My 30GB will do this. :)
  5. 9t6

    9t6 New Member

    I have had the arrive for about a week now and each day its getting closer and closer to going back to sprint and me going back to my tpII.
    The way it is presently configured, the Arrive is just a poor excuse as a cell phone, shame on Sprint. This phone is just too locked down, you cant do squat with it. If you are looking to put in your own ring tones in, fahgetaboutit. Cant even download ne ring tones. You are stuck with their retarded and short tones.
    I could go on and on but Ill leave it at this for now.
    With this being Sprints only WP7 at this time, they really put out a dumbed down pos, IMHO.
    Really disappointed.
  6. Susan Parker

    Susan Parker Guest

    That's great.
  7. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Mango update allows you to use custom ringtones.
  8. saradumas

    saradumas New Member

    i also finally got my new phone :D im excited!
  9. df415d

    df415d New Member

    wow,congraluation !!!

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