Finally A Headphone Adaptor From Ebay That Works!!!!

Discussion in 'Motorola Q Accessories' started by whitie_bear, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Finally A Headphone Adaptor From Ebay That Works!!!!

    Hey guys,

    So this guy sells these items, and i bought one and received it last night. Well let me tell you it works flawlessly, mic is excellent, call button is functional, volume control rocks for the tiny adjustments, and heck look at all the slack you get with it.

    After 3 adaptors off ebay i finally find one that works. The thing is if your buying from ebay, when they say compatible with v3 razr, rokr etc. and Q its probably not gonna work with the Q. And yes i have bought a mini usb adaptor and it did not work, those are for the razr. But when it only says compatible with Q, i would trust it, the Q headphone jack is not a normal 3 ring and requires specific wiring to work

    harrass this guy to sell more hahaha, i think my posts have got him very popular with Q users

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