"Error Synchronizing" message with Gmail on q9h

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by faithalone, Sep 6, 2009.

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    "Error Synchronizing" message with Gmail on q9h


    I discovered this problem most recently after flashing to the latest rom from Motorola.

    Most of the time my gmail works but frequently I will notice that it is not checking messages and then when i go and click on "send and receive" it says "error synchronizing" and then will pop up a message saying "your internet connection is not configured properly".

    I can still open up IE and browse the web with my device so being connected to the data network is not the issue.

    Doing some research on Google forums several users of other devices have reported that unchecking "use proxy" from the connection menu has resolved their problems but I cannot do this because the connection on my device is locked.

    Anyone got any ideas? If I do a restart on my phone it will start checking the messages for awhile.

    Happy labor day!

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    it used to happen to me. most of the time a reboot resolves the problem. if you have message in the outbox folder, you'll want to delete it first before rebooting.

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