Entourage Wallpaper and Theme?

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    Entourage Wallpaper and Theme?

    Hello everyone,
    My home computer is on the outs, and my work computer doesn't have photoshop, or I would handle this on myself. I'm a huge fan of the show entourage and I'm looking for a wallpaper. I usually stick with the the "Verizon" theme, but just change the wallpaper to something I like. You guys are more than welcome to make a theme, but I'd just like the wallpaper for my phone. Thanks for the help!


    I'm also looking for the season 5 ad for a background pic, but haven't found a good sized one yet to work with. Here's a link to the Season 5 ad, I just thought it was too grainy to use.

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    Well I cant really make you a whole theme..but I resized your picture to wallpaper size.

    Here ya go.

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