Emergency Mode????

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by toolman157, Oct 5, 2007.

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    Emergency Mode????

    So I was driving down the interstate when a drunk swerved and almost ran me off the road. As I watched the drunk barrel further down the road and run two other people nearly off the road, I thought I better get highway patrol on the case quickly. So I called 911 from my Q and it displayed connecting.... then a strange beep and then the call went through. After I gave the dispatcher all the info, I hung up and underneath the signal icon where either alltel service or roaming service is usualy displayed was now "emergency mode". My question is what is emergency mode?? It was displayed there for about 20 minutes and then returned to roaming service. Does this enable the gps tracking mode for 911 dispatch centers? Just curious. Anyone who knows please reply. THx.
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    It does turn on the aGPS when you dial 911 to send location info to the police. Unfortunatly, the system is not 100% and location info doesn't always get through all the networks and hardware to the operator that answers. Too many different phone and police systems I guess. A cell phone can always be used to call 911 even if you don't pay for phone service is my understanding. When you call from a land line, the police system does a simple reverse look up on the caller id to figure out where you are.
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    Yes...larsdennert...the info you stated is correct about the aGPS/911 tracking used to identify your cellphone's location (via triangulaton off (nearest) repeater towers).

    Even thought we weren't suppossed to mention it (because it was not part and parcel of American Red Cross Health and Safety Training classes) in the mid nineties, the subject always came up and my two co-instructors (one an EMT) always fielded that one.
    Just some additional information (from Texas).

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