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    Be "green", and protect our planet with Elec Cons Monitor on your Windows Phone cost savings on your electricity bill. This application will allow you to follow your power consumption closely :
    - to estimate the cost of your next Bill
    - to configure alerts to achieve a new record
    - to generate graphs of controlled consumption (week, month, season, year)
    - You will display a summary of a dynamic tile (Live Tile)
    - to manage multiple counters
    - management of the full hours and off-peak hours

    Tip : get your old bills to quickly inform data and view graphics with an interesting history.
    The demo version is full access the first 6 launches. You will be then limited to the addition of Records

    v1.7 (Mango exclusively) :
    - Cost management
    - Replacement of notifications by of alerts by counter
    - Improvement of the Live Tile
    - Improved performance
    - Visual improvements
    - Fixed bug

    Coming soon :
    - Next update : online backup
    - Improvement of translation
    - Community statistics

    v1.6 (Mango exclusively) :
    - Live Tile
    - Notifications
    - Change in evaluation mode
    - Sharing Social Networks
    - Fixed bug

    v1.5 :
    - Fixed bug
    - Improved performance
    (Last updated before Mango)

    v1.4 :
    - Added chart week
    - Added table summary week, months, seasons, years
    - Revision graph/navigation

    v1.3 :
    - Modification of the demo version (6 launches in full access)
    - Functional improvement
    - Visual improvements

    v 1.2 :
    - Functional improvement
    - Visual improvements
    - Improved German translation
    - Fix bug on deleting record
    - Fix translation on the pages of chart

    v 1.1:
    - Add trial version
    - Added version English, German, Spanish and Italian
    - Improve control of the consistency of data when adding survey

    Try for free the new version of Elec Cons Monitor

    Follow Elec Cons Monitor on Facebook


    Try for free the new version of Elec Cons Monitor

    Follow Elec Cons Monitor on Facebook


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