Dont Let your Battery Die Completely!!!

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by shawal16, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. shawal16

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    Dont Let your Battery Die Completely!!!

    Whatever you do, do not let your battery die completely. It is an adventure to recharge it. Initially its kinda scary, when you experience "the white screen of death" after the verizon logo. Basically you have to charge your phone before it will even accept a charge. Its like charging your phone so you can charge your phone. It's about 2+ hrs before it will even accept a charge, and before the charging batter will appear. After that it still about 6 more hours before your phone is somewhat charged. And with all of this your phone must be off. So your looking at atleast 8 hours without your phone. So my advice to all of you out there, DO NOT LET YOUR BATTERY DIE.
  2. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    it's not the first "horror" story i hear about this... i never had it happen to me and i am pretty good getting it charging after the low battery warning.
  3. mbrevard

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    I fully believe in letting your batteries run a full course every once in a while. Everything that I use that has a rechargeable battery runs their course from just half dead to completely dead and then recharging it. With that said I have never had the problem you experienced. That just sucks. Better you than me right? HAHA JK (sort of) :tounge:
  4. shawal16

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    its not nice to taunt me! lol
  5. BigTK

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    Li-ion (in our Q)and li-po (I use them in my RC Heli)batteries shouldn't be discharged completely as this will damage the battery. I don't know about the li-ion battery but I have seen damaged Li-po batteries burst into flames when on the Charger:gasp:. I keep my Heli battery in a metal container while on charge just in case.
  6. pllobell

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    I can definitely second that. I've experienced this more times than I can count.
  7. nevetsm

    nevetsm New Member

    Expoding lithium batteries bad! You can't put the fire out no matter what you do, it needs to burn out completely. Look online for a vid, it's interesting to see, as long as it's not happening on your nightstand :)
  8. mbrevard

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    Your battery problem happened to my mom last night. She called today complaining about it. I had to laugh because of just recently reading this thread.
  9. rageagainst7

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    went through this the other day actually...not a big deal...pop the battery out , stick it in the little battery dock you got with the q. then charge it for about 15 minutes then put it back into the q and turn it on and immediately thereafter hook it up to charge

    mine wouldnt come on at first either.
  10. rmkernan

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  11. chowner

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    this must be a second gen q thing. As I and the 3 other people I know with Q's have never had this problem. I've tried at least twice now to make this happen and can always charge the phone just fine.
  12. rageagainst7

    rageagainst7 New Member

    yeah man it came with my us cellular the little thing to charge the battery by itself

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