Disable Voicemail Password?

Discussion in 'Verizon Wireless' started by jjt3hii, May 7, 2007.

  1. jjt3hii

    jjt3hii New Member

    Disable Voicemail Password?

    Is it possible with verizon to check voicemail without having to enter your PIN or without having to wait while your phone enters it for you with the *86pp0000# trick?

    I previously had the i730 and verizon told me it could not be done. Before that back in 99-2000 I had sprint and i never had to enter my PIN if calling from my phone directly. I've used a tmobile dash and cingular blackjack, and niether one has to wait for the PIN code to enter to check voicemail. Is this just a limitation of Verizon or is there a way to change it?

  2. lembowski

    lembowski New Member

    Change your voicemail number to, and set it to speeddial 1, then just hold down #1 and you can dial voicemail

    (your phone number)p#(password)

  3. jjt3hii

    jjt3hii New Member

    The problem with that is you still have to wait on your phone to enter the PIN number to the voicemail system once connected. super frustrating if you check voicemail alot. extra 5 secs. Seems like all other carriers let you bypass the PIN if calling from your phone. They give you an option to enable/disable it atleast in the voicemail box menus.
  4. Yester18

    Yester18 New Member

    Man if you life is that busy, I will never complain about anything......

    I like a the auto dial for my password. Works great for me.
  5. jjt3hii

    jjt3hii New Member

    It does work better then the i730 I had, it sends the tones real fast. It's just the little things. Tweaking the little things keeps forums so busy ;).

  6. qnoob

    qnoob New Member

    Which carriers do this? Doesn't sound like a secure policy in this day and age. Like what would happen if you lost / had your phone stolen? Someone could easily check your voice mail, delete messages, change your PIN with just your phone. I wouldn't want this in a corporate environment.
  7. FourTwenSesh

    FourTwenSesh Active Member

    I agree with Qnoob, unless your voicemail dialing finger has arthritis......
  8. jjt3hii

    jjt3hii New Member

    I never had to with sprint, but i didnt have a pda phone. I have 3 friends with tmobile dash and they go straight to voicemail without the p0000# trick. I also have a friend at work with the cingular blackjack and he goes straight to vmail as well. Security issue, isn't it the same risk as doing the p0000# trick? In fact isn't it more of a risk... because now anyone can pickup your phone and see in clear text your pin. If they don't steal your phone you wouldn't even know they currently have access to your account?
  9. qnoob

    qnoob New Member

    well, that's a hack, an end-user modification. It's not really official VZW policy. Phones / PDA's sold by VZW are NOT configured like that by default by VZW. I don't even do the p0000# hack because it's not safe. And if you get burned by this, it's your fault, not VZW's.

    It's like people who leave ATM PIN on their cell phone. Stupid.
  10. jjt3hii

    jjt3hii New Member

    Doing some research I found a working solution. I signed up with youmail which replaces the verizon voicemail. It's configurable to not ask for pin if calling from your phone. I also instantly get an email with the mp3 file attached when someone leaves a voicemail. Very nice, and free. I found a couple other services that did basically the same thing but rather only checked your verizon voicemail on a schedule of once per hour. They had bad reviews and comments though.

    sweet happiness
  11. qnoob

    qnoob New Member

    http://www.youmail.com/ . . . NICE, tell us how this works out. The mp3 file e-mail attachment is convenient too.
  12. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    so your happy with this service?
    would you recommend it?
    i like the fact it emails a copy of the voicemail too!
  13. jjt3hii

    jjt3hii New Member

    After using it for a couple days i'm real happy, it works really well. I instantly get the email in my outlook on my notebook and on my phone. Online setup took less then 5 mins. It defaults to sending you text messages which is super annoying, but if you login to your account at there website you can quickly disable the text messages and enable the email with attachments.

    The only problem I had is that they send the attachment as a .wav file using a standard "mulaw" codec, which for some reason the windows media player doesnt recognize. If you install the free TPCMC, http://picard.exceed.hu/tcpmp/test/ , it works just fine if you set it as the default player for wav files.

    Another nice feature of youmail is setting unique voicemail greetings based on who calls you. Freaks people out!
  14. gracetaw

    gracetaw New Member

    Normally it sets this up automatically and asks for your voicemail pin. Check under settings->phone->change voicemail password. Use your voicemail password you have set up if normally calling into a number (Ex - Verizon is *86).

    If that doesn't work there was a bit of an issue on the iPhone 4, which required a couple of voicemails before being prompted to enter in your password pin. So, you can always try to leave yourself a couple of messages and try to retrieve deleted voicemails on iPhone until prompted.

    Once it is set up though you should be able to click the message with iPhone Data Recovery under the voicemail tab and you'll see a play triangle on the left hand side of the message to play the message. Good luck.

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