Differences in 6.1 from 6.0 ???? Bugs ???? Post 'em here

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by mexiken, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Huh ???? I'm confused.
  2. RedScare

    RedScare New Member

    I don't see the Get Blackberry Connect link...
  3. RedScare

    RedScare New Member

    Scratch that. Found it and trying it.

    If it works I will buy you a beer.
  4. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    **crossing my fingers**
  5. DrQ

    DrQ New Member

    Saying I gave up on Facade because I found the Sliding Panels great and doing everything I need.

    My Panel are in order:

    1. Time, Date, Temperature w/Current conditions.

    2. Messages: missed calls, Voicemail, my two AOL IMAP accounts.

    3. Appointment for the next two days.

    4. Extended forecast. This doesn't update with every check for current temp, actually not very often but it doesn't bother me as I use wunderground.com.

    5. Music

    6. Profile and have added Setting and BT Manager to this.

    7. applications: 7 favorites. I access my other commonly used ones through STK or QuickLauncher.

    8. Contacts: 6 Quick Dial Contacts plus a link in the last slot for all my Contact Manager.

    9. Web Pages: my 4 commonly used URL's

    With this I can see Time, date, temp, messages and next appointment on the HS. Then if I hit the up button I am at my fave URL (wunderground, twice to contact or three times for apps. I keep the top favorites in all these categorizes either in the first, secand or last position so a scroll right or left gets me there quickly.

    Hope this is clearer.

    ps. Microsoft's WM Mobile had some nice themes and I'm using Blue Abstact 6 right now.
  6. mbrown15

    mbrown15 New Member

    Would you be so kind as to point me to the panel configuration thread (s)?

  7. reckoningday

    reckoningday New Member

    Is it CHome Config?
  8. RJNJC

    RJNJC New Member

    I know your sig says Search and you shall find...but I am hoping on you benevolence in providing a link to where I can find the 'how-to' or app to set things up as you have.


    R J
  9. reckoningday

    reckoningday New Member

  10. DrQ

    DrQ New Member

  11. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

  12. aldrichdesigner

    aldrichdesigner New Member

    Complaining about no Wi-Fi?

    I don't get why everyone is complaining that they didn't get WiFi in the update. It has been confirmed on multiple occasions that the hardware simply does not exist in the device. To even think that you would get this, is just plain stupid. Not to mention, don't you think we would have heard it was going to have wifi by now.

    I think the update is a significant improvement on the home screen. Not to mention other little improvements here and there. I think some of you are missing the point with this update. There is a reason that the upgrade is only 6.1. If there were going to be major changes it would be called 7.0.

    I never did like facade, everything was just too tiny on the screen. The sliding panels solves all of that. You get a beautiful interface and everything you want is easily accessible and with CHome it's completely customizable.

    I have noticed that navigating back to the home screen is a big laggy and have even needed a reboot a couple times but some of that is do to my lack of patience.

    I don't know if you all have noticed yet but the task manager has been completely upgraded and is spectacular. Displays memory and cpu usage, and there is now a switch to... function.

    Thanks a ton Mexxicen or however you spell it :laugh2:
  13. Mrrlyn

    Mrrlyn New Member

    Did you miss the Thread where Mexiken, myself and one other actually looked at the blueprints for the Q? Unless Motorola didnt build it according to their own blueprints, the WIFI is in there (well, 95% sure maybe.). The IC (integrated circut) is shown right next to the BT IC, and the TDK WIFI/BT bandpass filter is the first page of the blueprints. And the unconfirmed (?) report that all the Moto engineers got WIFI enabled pre-run versions from Moto...Right now my feeling is that we need to get ahold of one of those (there was one person who posted in that thread that appeared to buy one of these phones) so we can get all the registry keys filled in, and any drivers that are missing. So, we all need to hunt that guy down and at least get him to look at his registry (or burn him if he hoaxed it all).

    And thanks again to Mexiken (and Verminator) for the 6.1 leak. and to Mexiken for giving me hope that the Q does have the WIFi hardware.
  14. RedScare

    RedScare New Member

    Blackberry Connect does not install and run correctly on 6.1. It did so on 6.0.

    (yes this is in regards to a Moto Q Global)
  15. aldrichdesigner

    aldrichdesigner New Member

    I'm not calling you a liar but blueprints are not the same thing as actual hardware. Have you pulled apart a q9h and confirmed there is wifi hardware there. I hate to be a skeptic because i would love wifi but frankly would think that it would have been hacked by now if it truly was in the hardware.

    Here is a link from a company who mods phones and they claim it is not possible... it is possible that you viewed blueprints prior to production

  16. p0lye

    p0lye New Member

    though it's not as exciting...my phone now has an extra alarm
  17. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Mexiken :2cool:
  18. RJNJC

    RJNJC New Member

    Now we can wake up twice!!

    :2cool: R J
  19. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    You might have to wait for an updated version. Bear in mind, again, this release is not out yet.

    Remember, everything that comes on the phone, is supposed to work out of the box. Thats another reason releases get held up. AT&T has to wait for all its 2nd/3rd party companies to make sure their apps run on the updated platforms.

    You see now why rushing a product out the door when things aren't ready only lead to customer resentment ???? Redscare needs BB Connect to work, and may just go back to 6.0 to have it. That only builds frustration and resentment from a customer to try things again. So many people bitch and moan about 6.1 not coming out, but whats the point if none of the installable apps work yet ????

    Guess I should have warned everybody of that before I let you have at the update.

    Oops ???? =/
  20. RJNJC

    RJNJC New Member

    I ain't complainin'!!

    :2cool: R J

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