Differences in 6.1 from 6.0 ???? Bugs ???? Post 'em here

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by mexiken, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Differences in 6.1 from 6.0 ???? Bugs ???? Post 'em here

    I wanted this thread to be one of discovery. Anything new you find, post it here. Any bugs, post them here as well.

    I found that the copy and paste works great.

    And even coolor, you can highlight messages to delete or move, and highlight all, highlight, "all below" what you have selected, or several. Works very nicely.

    GPS works still, and seems faster to boot up now.

    My Location(beta) works with 6.1.

    Thats all I can think of now. Anyone else with things they've noticed, feel free to chime in while we figure out what we've got :)
  2. reckoningday

    reckoningday New Member

    Is there any way to change the color of the sliding panels? I want to use a lighter background, but I can't seem to.
  3. RJNJC

    RJNJC New Member

    Start | Recent Programs

    When you press |Start|, phone goes to the 'recent programs' screen in 'Grid' view.
    Press 'All programs' and then all the programs are listed in 'List' view (my setting).

    Anyone know how to stop the recent programs view popping up each time |Start| is pressed?

  4. tendomentis

    tendomentis New Member

    Can someone check their upgraded Q9 Global and confirm the following:

    1. VPN connection manager: Yes or No? (the 6.0 ROM didn't have VPN connectivity options)

    2. Tethering still possible (on non-tethering plans) via bluetooth DUN or PAN: Yes or No?

    3. Can a port still be set for the GPS using the GPSID or cab file, and does it work?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. reckoningday

    reckoningday New Member

    Settings > All Settings > Home Screen > uncheck the Show recent programs.. lemme know if that's what you are talking about.
  6. rainmakerrc

    rainmakerrc New Member

    If the setup is like 6.1 on the Sprint Q9c, then I believe you can go to Start-->Settings-->Home Screen and uncheck the box for Show Recent Programs
  7. RJNJC

    RJNJC New Member

    Thanks! The new flashy 6.1 must have dulled my brain a tad!


    R J
  8. reckoningday

    reckoningday New Member

    Ah, no problem. Glad I could be of some assistance to this wonderful community!
  9. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Yes, its in the options for home screen I believe.

    Settings>Home Screen. Uncheck Show Recent programs.
  10. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    Oops, sorry, you guys all posted while I was typing, had this box open, but took forever to finish it, lol.
  11. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    1. Not sure. There is a domain enroll option under settings, maybe thats it ???? Other than that, look under Settings>connections.

    2. I will try it right now, with the ICS. I don't think I have the settings for DUN anymore on my comp.

    3. Yes, and yes. But you must use COM Port 3 now. I was using COM Port 1, and its set for Bluetooth now.
  12. tendomentis

    tendomentis New Member

    I wonder what the domain enrollment is...activesync exchange setup perhaps?

    If tethering by cable is gone for good, I'd want to ensure that I could at least still tether via bluetooth, be it bluetooth DUN or PAN.

    I was all set to race home and do the upgrade, but 6.1 is starting to feel more crippled than 6.0.
  13. mbrown15

    mbrown15 New Member

    I was able to tether via BT DUN just like before the 6.1 flash
  14. acedj123

    acedj123 New Member

    Seems like all Windows Live support is history...no ability to create a hotmail account in email and the messenger is gone. Trying to restore a Sprite backup sucks. Some things make it...some don't. Not worth it to me with all the software and settings I customized on 6.0.

    Just got done reflashing 6.0 to the phone and restored a backup...whew! Back to normal. Threaded text messaging and cut and paste are nice..but without Wi-Fi support and the pain-in-the-a$$ it would be to reinstall all software and customizations...forget it!
  15. sniffs

    sniffs New Member

    I have the Windows Live Cab file and I got it installed on wm6.1 and it works perfectly fine. Infact, it incorporates itself on the email slider and adds a new one for Hotmail.

    The thing I'm wondering now, is how I can get Office Communicator Mobile incorporated into the slider for IM's..
  16. mexiken

    mexiken New Member

    There is a WHOLE thread, or many, that deal with customizing panels. Do a search for them.
  17. acedj123

    acedj123 New Member

    Can you post that .cab somewhere please?
  18. RJNJC

    RJNJC New Member

    Facade | Any need on new 6.1?

    To all who have 6.1 now.

    Did you use Facade under 6.0
    Having seen 6.1, would you still install Facade?


    R J
  19. PacoJr67

    PacoJr67 Active Member

    I did use facade under 6.0 and since sprint released 6.1 I have not yet reinstalled facade (yet)
  20. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    BT DUN still works; just reestablish a pair between pc and phone

    I had to pair my phone and laptop again. It wasn't seeing my phone. It's all peachy now. I can confirm that BT DUN still works.

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