Did you get the Windows Phone 7 update?

Discussion in 'Windows Phone 7' started by chris, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Everything I've read says it is still coming this week.
  2. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

  3. Jack L Bonner

    Jack L Bonner New Member

    Delay..... Delay..... Delay..... My guess is we will receive this NoDo update NEVER! Why is it so hard for them to send this freaking update??? This is why APPLE is killing them because they dont have many delays. I love my HTC HD7 phone, but to keep waiting for one update is ridiculous. They cant even get a "pre-update" to work, so do we really think the NoDo update will work??? Im not getting to excited about it..... Horrible!
  4. muddtt

    muddtt Member

    like i said before...microsoft is going to start losing traction with its fan base over this. They were the ones that said they were going to do in 6 months what apple couldn't do in 3 years. It's obvious that it's ready cause NoDo is shipping on newer phones. They better get their act together or they're gonna have NoCu(stomers) in 2 years.
  5. Jack L Bonner

    Jack L Bonner New Member

    Very true!!! I just got my phone yesterday, and it still shows 7004 version.... Love the phone, but it still needs some MAJOR updates.... Updates the iPhone already has.
  6. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    In all fairness, Apple has had years to get things right. Some of it still needs plenty of work (notifications). That being said, Microsoft doesn't get a free pass just because Apple took years. They need to compete, need to sell phones. Getting updates out will help both.

    What gets me nuts is that the update is kind of thin, yet they still have trouble getting it out. Copy and paste? Maybe the speed updates will prove me wrong. If this was a major update with major changes, I think people would be more flexible.
  7. MrsMaynard

    MrsMaynard New Member

    I was actually without my LG Quantum for a few weeks because I got a bad one (turned off and just kept rebooting) anyways I turned to my old iphone 3g and was sad to see I kind of missed it(much to my surprise)but it was reliable so I was just waiting on getting a new one shipped and was very eager that one of the updates would at least be on it or available when I got it back but it's a no go, looks like NoDo will be a NoShow for a little longer, I LOVE my Windows 7 Phone but if they don't start keeping their promises with updates and keep letting it slip I'm afraid it's gonna end up like the Kins...DEAD!
  8. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    According to this Microsoft support person, it was supposed to be released on Monday.
  9. ajayden

    ajayden Member

    I am sure Mary Jo Foley will receive another news from MS guys that its delayed again to April as Microsoft is still depending on carriers to push updates, when they could do it directly from their servers.
  10. muddtt

    muddtt Member

    honestly this is why apple wins in the end. In house hardware, in house software, and only one carrier to deal with once upon a time.

    I know its part of the pain of early adoption, but if microsoft wants to enter the market this late in the game they better get on the ball or they will quickly exit the market.

    Another reason apple is so successful is that people believe in steve jobs. I believed in ballmer...now not so much. every time i hear him speak i'm just going to hear lies from now on. that is what destroys your product.
  11. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

  12. MrsMaynard

    MrsMaynard New Member

    Wow MS way to treat the people who gave you a chance!

    I understand 1 delay or even 2, but after that...wtf are they doing playing with themselves?!
  13. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

  14. jab119

    jab119 Member

    I would rather the NoDo update come a little later and be correct and working. we dont want bricks

  15. SnailUK

    SnailUK Member

    The problem is not the fact there are multiple manufacturers. To my mind, the manufacturers will be far more interested in supporting their Android platforms, because they are on an established platform with orders of magnitude more sales.

    To be honest, what they need is a manufacturer completely devoted to WP7, so they have a lead platform, something to really enable them focus on the future. Just a pity the manufacturer they picked was Nokia, who were already fighting a losing battle in the smart phone market.
  16. Hiram

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  17. The Sand

    The Sand New Member

    I don't even have the initial update to get ready for the Copy/Paste update. I am AT&T. I have no idea why it's taking this long...
  18. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Tomorrow we'll officially be in the second half of March. Not sure what their definition for "latter March".

    BTW, welcome to eWM.

    JJTHENOVICE New Member

  20. chris

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