Did you get the Windows Phone 7 update?

Discussion in 'Windows Phone 7' started by chris, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Jens Veraa

    Jens Veraa Member

    I for one would note take the risk again. While I was updating I was surfing and I found out all of these problems with Samsung and mine was already in progress now so I didn't dare to abort it. Afterwards, eventually it got stuck so I had to unplug the device while it clearly stated: Do not unplug. If could have become bricked and then what? This simple update is not worth the hassle.

    You can try, maybe it will complete (like it did with a lot of people) but if you wait 3 more days , it would be a more reliable update :)
    Then, just search about the next update if it did solve everything (I will certainly do that before I'm going to update again)
  2. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    I wonder if MS delayed the update all together for everyone? I still didn't get mine pushed. Been checking manually via Zune on PC. Anyone else with a Surround get an update?
  3. Hiram

    Hiram Member

    Thanks Jens. I'll probably get back to you in three days, for help.
  4. Hologram

    Hologram New Member

    if your phone bricks, microsoft said the fix for a bricked phone is just taking the battery out and putting it back in and it fixes the brick issue.
  5. EatCereal

    EatCereal Member

    Really? That sounds way too easy but is a relief. I'm not even sure what bricking a phone means:)
  6. jab119

    jab119 Member

    "bricking your phone" means that something went wrong with the software and or hardware and your phone is about as usefully as a brick.

  7. Hologram

    Hologram New Member

    he::unwired is reporting information straight from Microsoft on how to fix a "bricked" device that doesn't complete the update, and it's deceptively simple: just pull the battery, put it back in, and turn the phone on. Failing that, perform a hard reset. Either way, the company is recommending you don't attempt the update again until the phone reminds you, which it says will happen in about three days.
  8. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    Still don't have my update...
  9. Jens Veraa

    Jens Veraa Member

    Be careful with what you are saying!
    If it is at step 6, it is bricked and pulling out the battery and rebooting will not help!

    The problem seems to occur at stage 6 of 10 of the update process, where the handset reboots after the update. But instead of rebooting properly, Zune throws up an error message:
    An error prevented the restoration of your phone to its previous version.
    Your phone can’t be used in its present condition and there are no restore points for it on this computer. The phone might restart and return to normal if you disconnect it. For further assistance, contact your mobile operator.

    "Granville says every time he turns the device on he’s presented with a “Connect phone to PC” screen and the device fails to initialize. Hard resets and trying it on multiple machines have not helped, he’s stuck. Granville isn’t alone however. A quick scan of Twitter shows that the picture is mixed. A large number of the issues stem from the backup process and its failure but only a small number of users are reporting that devices no longer boot-up correctly. "
    Once in this state, the handset seems to be bricked.

    HOWEVER if it failed at step 7 -backing up- like it did with my device, it is save to unplug and restart the device.

  10. Tsartsalis Dimitris

    Tsartsalis Dimitris New Member

    Still no update for me eather. Starting to think back to my iphone days when I new exactly when and where the updates would land.
  11. Jens Veraa

    Jens Veraa Member

    Rumor has it that Microsoft pulled the update for a few days in order to not brick any more phones (sounds reasonable to me for people who have no understanding whatsoever..)
    Winpho is a very well and stable v1. It sure does need updates, but I'm more than happy what it is now (otherwise I would not have bought it) If you are considering switching to another device for a delayed (minor) update - in order for a good cause-.. :)
  12. ajayden

    ajayden Member

    I have been looking at my phone at intervals of 1 hour...haha....but still no update. Will wait out for the 3 days :)
  13. kareljack

    kareljack Active Member

    Samsung is really screwing the pooch with this.
  14. Klaus Ahrenkilde

    Klaus Ahrenkilde New Member

    Denmark. The update was her 2 days ago. I have updatet my LG Optimus. Work perfect. No problems :)
  15. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Is it Samsung's fault or Microsoft?
  16. kareljack

    kareljack Active Member

    Samsung drivers....so..
    Ok ok..I confess..Im looking for any excuse to slam Samsung..
  17. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    They fixed my phone, so they are in good graces with me.
  18. Jack L Bonner

    Jack L Bonner New Member

    I have the HTC HD7..... Phone says it has no update?????

    How do I update it?
  19. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Try Settings > Phone Update.

    I'm still without the update, but then again I'm in the Samsung group.
  20. Jack L Bonner

    Jack L Bonner New Member

    Yea still no update ..... Is the rumor true about making the phone faster??? Any copy/paste added to the update?

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