did i kill my mini sd card?

Discussion in 'Motorola Q Accessories' started by swanhild, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. swanhild

    swanhild New Member

    did i kill my mini sd card?

    Hi everyone. I'm a new Q owner and new to this forum, although I did search to see if this topic was covered and I couldn't find an answer.

    My sd card is no longer found by Windows Media Player

    I purchased a 1gb sd card yesterday and formatted it then successfully loaded some files on it. As I was loading more music on it, it froze, so I rebooted my phone. Now I can not open the stroage card via my phone and WMP is not recognizing it. When I try to open it on my computer, it will open but I can't move or delete any files.

    I have tried to reformat it on my phone and computer but it will not format.

    Also, when I right click on the card through my computer to view the "properties" tab, there is no name for the device.

    Can anyone make any suggestions?
  2. did you get your card from ebay, etc.?
    it could be a fraudulent card.
    Also restart the phone without the card.
    then insert it.

    BTW does yours say do you want to fomrat the card? (Yes spelt wrong)
  3. swanhild

    swanhild New Member

    yes, i did get it on ebay :embarassed:

    but if it was a fraudulent card, i wouldn't have been able to store anything on it, right? i was able to copy and access files for a while. i believe it was because i rebooted while the card was 'frozen' (maybe the card was actively being read?)

    i tried rebooting w/o the card. i reinserted the card and still unable to format on phone and computer.

    it does not ask me if i want to format the card (if that was your last question)
  4. Sorry about your troubles....I think the card is bad.
  5. pistacio

    pistacio New Member

    Happened to me when I "overfilled" the card....re-formatted, lost everything, but it worked once again.

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