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    Developer App Promotion and Promo Code Policy

    First off, thank you for visiting EverythingWM. Founded originally in 2005 as, EverythingWM is now home to one of the world's largest Windows Phone communities.

    With the vast amount of applications in the Marketplace, it's getting more and more difficult to get your App in front of potential customers. Whether you have a free app or a paid app, promotion is a key element to the success of most applications. everythingWM allows you to promote your app for free, providing you with exposure to thousands of Windows Phone users.

    We allow you to post for free provided you following these simple guidelines. If you have questions regarding this policy, you are always encouraged to contact either the site administrator or a moderator.

    Guidelines for promoting your app on everythingWM

    Where can I promote my app?
    If you are promoting a Windows Phone app or game, please use Windows Phone Apps and Games.

    How can I let people know of a price break on a previously promoted app?
    Once you create a post promoting your app, you should use the same post if there are price breaks on your app. Do not create a new post for the same app.

    Can I link to reviews?
    No, you are not permitted to link to other sites. You are however permitted to link to your App within the Marketplace, where readers can see reviews from your customers.

    Can I link to my app?
    Yes, you can link to the Zune software. You can link to your site, but we require you link back to EverythingWM.

    How do I go about advertising my application at EverythingWM?
    Right now, we don't offer advertising, but we will soon offer ads through

    What happens if I post an announcement in the wrong category?
    You will receive an infraction. Multiple infractions will likely result in removal of forum privileges.

    What can I do to return the favor?
    First off, continue to build great apps for the community! It would be great if you followed us on Twitter or liked our site on Facebook. If you have a website, a link to either our site or forums is always greatly appreciated.

    Last updated: March 15th, 2011.
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