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Discussion in 'Windows Phone 7' started by Melissa Nicole Peckham, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Do you have to havee a smart phone data plan to get a Windows Phone 7
  2. ninjaap

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    US carriers will make you get a data plan for sure.
  3. TheDFO

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    Well, I don't know if I was grandfathered in, but on my old phone (a BlackJack 2), and for a week or so on my Focus, I didn't have a data plan. But that is probably because the internet had been disabled on my phone.

    So if do not want any cellular data plan, you might not have to have it.

    Or you could buy the phone without subsidies, and hope ATT doesn't notice and try and force you to take the plan.
  4. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

    "Hope" is the keyword. I've noticed that, most times, when I stick my SIM card in another phone, ATT sees the change and reflects it on my online account.

    But then again, when I recently placed my wife's SIM card (that has had no data plan to begin with) into a Moto Backflip, ATT has not registered the change. It's been a couple months already.
  5. TheDFO

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    Yep, on one phone they noticed, on another they didn't.

    Anyway, if you do change without purchasing it through their store, they have to notice AND add a data plan. Either way, if you don't want any internet on there, most reps would be willing to take it off. Or maybe I just got lucky and was grandfathered into.
  6. jakez834

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    Last I heard, it is AT&T policy that a data plan (min. $15/mo) is required for a smartphone, under which the following types of devices fall:

    Windows Phone 7

    As far as I know, all other "smartphones" which allow data access do not necessarily require data access. It seems that AT&T is moving towards calling phones such as the BlackBerry (with the exception of newer models) and Blackjack "messaging phones", essentially phones which generally have a hardware keyboard and allow texting, MMS, and push email. While these phones generally have the ability to access the internet, the data plan is not "required".
  7. TheDFO

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    Could be true, although I'm not sure why they are dumb enough to call a BlackBerry a "messaging phone." Anyone, all I know is that with an E8 Rokr, then a BlackJack 2, and then for a few weeks a WP7 Focus (which I got through ATT) I did not have a data, and the only reason why I can see that happening is because I (or rather, my parents when they paid for the phone, and finally me when I could not afford the plan) expressly told them "turn off all data." Oh yes, and this was when they said all smartphones require a dataplan, and when the Black Jack 2 was considered a smart phone by their rebate plans. They're money grubbing jerks, but I can't see a rep being such a bastard that they turn off data access AND require a data plan.

    That all said, I would recommend you call ATT, and ask them about the policy of data plans if you don't want any cellular data.

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