Custom Home Screens - What do you want?

Discussion in 'Q Home Screens and Wallpapers' started by RyanAmos, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. RyanAmos

    RyanAmos New Member

    Custom Home Screens - What do you want?

    I understand that many of us are not capable of creating our custom home screens manually. We use software such as facade which does this for us. It gives us a few options for us to customize. Although, there are many many other options we can modify.

    So what I'm asking from you...
    • What do you want to see?
    • What features do you want to be able to modify?
    • What options are you very fond of in the other software such as facade out there?
    I'm looking to create a home screen creator for all of us to be able to create our own custom home screens. This is going to take a lot of planning on my part which is why I'm coming to you to see what you really must have on the first initial release.

    Keep in mind, I'll be offering this for free. So the more feedback the better. ;)
  2. inf3st

    inf3st New Member

    i'm still trying to find one with a black start bar.
  3. mrorange

    mrorange New Member


    Over on the right hand side a dial pad cheat sheet for letters so we can dial by letter much easier!
  4. HowLakota

    HowLakota New Member

    Looking for Layout Controls

    Hello, I am trying to find a Home Screen Layout that has

    1. Big Full Date and Time
    2. Missed Calls / Voicemails
    3. 3-4 Lines of Calender (1 line for all Day)
    4. Optional Icon Bar
    I think it would be great to replace the splash power up/down screens...

    I don't have a need for Emails or MMS
    I use Blue tooth but don't need it on the screen
    I don't use the Web interface
    I am running Xtreme agenda and Sprite backup
    I have Facade loaded.

    Good Luck on the software engine.
    Regards, Randy B.:)
  5. teamlinx

    teamlinx New Member


    oooh. how about if the home screen had all this fun stuff

    - last used programs on a bottom bar
    - task manager, IE, wireless sync, file mgr, settings, windows media
    ... fixated on a top bar so they are easily accessed regardless of last used

    - big clock/date
    - text/mms/email/voicemail bar
    - profile selection
    - calendar day view
  6. swagner

    swagner New Member

    I think you are all mis-interpreting the question. The question is really what OPTIONS would like to have in a home screen creation application. Obviously we all have different preferences for our screens. Here are the options I would like to see:

    -MRU programs on or off
    -email, SMS, voice, etc as options
    -Calendar and task options
    -Program icons for any program, not just MRU.. the whole list. I want to be able to choose which Icons are there.. all the time
    - Battery
    -possibly a name or heading of some type.
    -profile option
    -bluetooth option
    -task manager option
    -fonts and sizes
    -memory usage option

    more advanced and probably not in a free program:
    -weather and news updates (scrolling maybe?)
    -stock quotes
    -sports scores

    All of these are options I think people might want. Oviously I would not want all of them. A home screen designer seems like a great idea though. Good luck!!
  7. milo

    milo New Member


    I use Good MMS (or GoodLink or whatever they're calling it now). I'd like something that would allow me to have the necessary Good stuff on the home screen AND still have the other WM 5 apps visible on the same screen. As you may know, Good pastes their crappy home screen over everything else and it's a pain to have to navigate into the Q to get to the WM 5 apps and stuff.

  8. O2K

    O2K New Member

    a homescreen that has live sports scores, sort of like an rss feed thing

    MTG BRKR New Member

    emphasis on this one :)

    Anything like it right now?

    Also- how about a Restart function?
  10. MTG BRKR

    MTG BRKR New Member

  11. Eregos

    Eregos New Member

    Hello all. I just bought my Q last weekend and I'm loving it. Being a nurse and going back to school to get anesthesiology works great in keeping me organized. Anyways I have a request.

    I would like a Home Screen with a superman design.

    I'm a huge superman fan and would love a home screen with that theme.

    Also I like all the icons in the verizon home screen default.

    I would like to see in the front:

    Missed calls
    text messages
    yahoo e-mail ( i dowloaded the yahoo go program)
    up coming appointments

    I don't need the two things at the bottom that say News and downloads. the items at the top that I can click to open programs I like.

    Thanks for the help.

    PS: Love the site has helped me a bunch.
  12. qwho

    qwho New Member

    I'm gonna make the star trek next generation interface into a home screen one of these days.

    As for the superman idea, i like the sound of that too.
  13. MTG BRKR

    MTG BRKR New Member

    I'm still waiting on my stock/market ticker..... :)
  14. JOhnG

    JOhnG New Member

    I would like to see the following :
    1. MISSED Calls... large missed call font, something I do not need glasses to read
    2. Voice mail
    3. Calendar with today and next day appointments,,, one or two lines
    4 Time and date display
    5 Row of icons, calendar, call history, smart notes, similar to the 10 icon screen that comes with Q
    6 I would also like to be able to modify the above, so a check box type option so I could check on and off what I would like displayed.

    I continually do not notice my missed calls and voice mail notification and have checked every where and can not find any screens that have these basic options. The one I did find requried me to use a plug in called Facade. I do not know where to install that and hope that you can create a basic screen with the list of items I have indicated. I also do not need a pic for the back ground, I find that conflicts with the icons unless it is a plain pic. So I vote for no pic at all.
    Thanks for your anticipated home screen.
  15. joebucci

    joebucci New Member

    This is what I'm looking for. I'd like that setup with an easy interface to modify the programs on the FIXED bar. I also don't care much about the profile or calendar. Just want text/mms/email/voicemail bar and big clock/date.
  16. cameljok

    cameljok New Member

    Thats great RyanAmos.... I like some of the suggestions that others have listed.

    I have been editing my screens and wanted to know if there a way to have 2 plugins on one line?? I would like to have the Bluetooth manager plugin on the same line next to the profile plugin. The profile plugin wastes valuable real estate since it doesnt need to take the whole width of the line. I learned how to do that with shortcuts but not plugins... Please help..

  17. agreed on the BIG clock/date, and the missed calls font...
  18. Nemo

    Nemo New Member

    time bigger

    can i make the time bigger and take some things off the front page?
  19. QRichardQ

    QRichardQ New Member

    I'm new to this forum, so if I'm not too late to put in my 2 cents, I'd like to see...

    1) The carrier removed. (It's just an ad for them.)
    2) The date and clock larger so I don't need to put on my glasses to see the time.
    3) The Bluetooth plug-in removed. The icon at top is enough for me.
    4) The "News" and "Downloads" plug-ins removed. (Those actually irk me.)

    Other than that, I find the layout useful.
  20. wshaw

    wshaw New Member

    Need something with Facade, Fizz weather, but with large viewable print as I am an old fart.

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