Computer still doesn't recgonize Q9m

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9m' started by Kassdog, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Kassdog

    Kassdog New Member

    Computer still doesn't recgonize Q9m

    So I'm still trying to get music on my q9m this time off a brand new vista lap top. I've installed the driver and when I go into wmp i click on sync and it still doesn't recgonize it. Any help will be appriciated. I'm leaving for vacation in 7 hours and would like to have music for the trip.
  2. ritterx04

    ritterx04 New Member

    They just need to stop instal
    ing vista on all these computers. I have XP and it syncs up great. Have you tried Motorolas support link?
  3. I had no problems with either vista or syncing my q with two machines (both run vista)
    Are you using the cd? If so the cd won' work. You have to download windoww mobile device center from microsoft's website.
  4. dubkin

    dubkin New Member

    I've used the CD and have MDC installed, still the MDC dosen't recognize the Q and it always stays 'unconnected'
  5. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    you can't stop progress... (isn't that what they say, i am also still using XP and not considering any changes soon)

    but regardless, it should also work with Vista.
  6. pbruner

    pbruner New Member

    I am running Vista and have had a Q and now a Q9m working with multiple Vista pc's. Try this, on your phone, go into your Settings and then Connections. On the USB - PC setting, uncheck the Enable advanced network functionality. Then reconnect the USB cable and Vista should recognize your device and install the software. Might take a while for it to go to Windows Update and locate the proper driver. It has been easier with the Q9m than with the Q.

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