Codes for US Cellular Unlock

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by nifaron, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. nifaron

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    Codes for US Cellular Unlock

    ##073887* (send) When prompted to “Enter Security Code” type: 475593 That should work -
  2. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    welcome aboard...
  3. bobby-n

    bobby-n New Member

    umm im pretty sure that will only work with your phone not ne 1 elses ... could be wrong though
  4. zrempe1028

    zrempe1028 New Member

    actually you are only half right. ##073887* is the code to access the programming menu. spc code is unique to the phone. when you first get the phone from the factory the spc is all 0's but once you do the PRL update, *228, it is likly that the spc code will be changed to a code unique to your phone. this is not always true though, my phones is still 000000.

    also on a side note. you should do a PRL update to your phone every so often. this will put new towers into your phones list of towers.

  5. bobby-n

    bobby-n New Member

    how do u do a prl update ?
  6. zrempe1028

    zrempe1028 New Member


    I don't know if this is the code for other carriers.
  7. twister4399

    twister4399 New Member

    Is this for the Q? When I type this code and hit talk it trys to call out then gives me an error after it dials
  8. bobby-n

    bobby-n New Member

    yup same here i have sprint
  9. blackhwk1214

    blackhwk1214 New Member

    Do they charge you for prl updates? (what does prl stand for?)
    And is there anyway of finding that "special" code...mine is 000000 or the one listed above.


    My first post, yep
  10. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    no they dont
    its updating your roaming capabilities

    welcome to EQ!!
  11. zrempe1028

    zrempe1028 New Member

    if you have us cellular it is an airtime free call. Also, us cellular will "grab" a random group of accounts every so often and will update their prl automaticaly. this usually happens in the wee hours of the night. the objective being that they never let people get too far out of date.

    sent from Q
  12. blackhwk1214

    blackhwk1214 New Member

    Ok, thanks for the how do I get that special code to unlock my phone?
  13. zrempe1028

    zrempe1028 New Member

    unfortunataly there is no real way to get it, aside from walking into us cellular and talking to the service techs. also there really isnt anything you can do from the programming menu, except program the phone. there is never a real reason to get into it. as long as your nam1 has been correctly programmed. and if it has not well you'll need to go into a retail store to get your mdn and msid anyway and since you're in the store they will program your phone for you.
  14. blackhwk1214

    blackhwk1214 New Member

    I see, so unlocking CDMA phones is useless comparing it to unlocking GSM phones.
  15. zrempe1028

    zrempe1028 New Member

    In my opinion, Yes. I have not seen any real reason to do so. Most CDMA carriers have proprietary software. and most carriers will not activate a phone that is not theirs. US Cellular will not activate a non US Cellular phone, but there are rumors that Verizon is planning to allow customers to activate any cdma phone on their network, hell they may already be. this is something uscc has been mulling around for awhile.

  16. Tyrrell

    Tyrrell New Member

    My cellular provider gave me my code, so I wrote it down, lol
  17. venkat20

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    Unlocking Codes

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  18. CrazyGing

    CrazyGing New Member

    Hello, I pulled my old moto xt901 out to get some old pics of my late father saved to the phone its self. Left it sitting out my ladie trying to get, thinking it was her old one locked it out. The wifi was turned of so now when I try to unlock it using my email it doesn't allow it without the internet access. How can I bypass this without losing the phones saved memory?

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