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    City Photo Quiz Pro is the app that invites and challenges you to find out exactly which city you are specifically looking at on your app.

    Crusia B.V.’s app is designed to allow you to visit all of the most scenic places and cities in the whole, wide world, all right on your handheld device!

    It's available for IOS and Windows Phone devices, and will soon be available for Android too!

    This app features gameplay that is the best of both worlds: It is simple and extremely addictive all at the same time. There is also an element of riddle-me-this involved.

    You are going to be shown four, unique pictures, and then it’s your job to figure out just which city you are looking at.

    Of course, you have a bunch of different tools that you can use in order to figure out what you have to figure out.

    If you do get stuck—and, hey, it does happen to the best of us—then just simply fall back on a large variety of hints in order to help you out of your tough guessing bind.

    Alternately, you also have the choice to petition all of your friends from Facebook for some extra help.

    You can download this game for free from iTunes and Windows store right now. Please visit our website

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