Chome Configurator Messing with default panels.

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    Chome Configurator Messing with default panels.

    I'm not sure if anyone has found a way, but is it possible to alter the default panels, like the CClock, and the one that comes with NRG Chome Mini Weather. I really really really want to take the big clock panel that is default the top panel (CClock it is called), and add a page to it that is the five day Chome Mini weather.

    So I would have the first panel highlighted (with the big clock, and today's forecast), then I could hit the right arrow and go to another page with the five day forecast.

    I'd also like to change around a few things with the CClock panel, make the time a little bit smaller, date a little bit bigger, and (not sure if I'm the person that could accomplish this) but add the current conditions to today's forecast as well.

    Or if I could edit the Chome Mini Weather five day forecast panel, I could just make the time and date bigger on that and that would work too.

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