Cardinal Woes!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by carlg, May 30, 2007.

  1. carlg

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    Cardinal Woes!

    As a faithful,albeit depressed, fan of the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS:frown:,I'm hoping that I can take solace in knowing that there are Billions of fellow fans out there, possibly on this very forum, that are as embarassed and,yes, outraged at the seemingly slovenly play of our beloved world champions! Why, the current plight is so deep rooted and hopeless, that, in last nights futile effort against the equally hapless rockies, that st. louis,in a moment of sheer desperation, trotted the venerable Jose Oquendo out regaled in FULL(minus chest protector) CATCHERS ATTIRE!,in my humble view, to serve as a comical DIVERSION from the lifeless play of our team. (actually,he was out there to warm up Braden Looper after Molina took one off the hand, and had to leave the game). But then again, Oquendo has always been the ultimate team player.

    I guess, all in all, I'm merely looking for fellow cardinal mourners who feel my pain. But knowing that the cardinals current 20+ wins could very well WIN the inordinately ineffective central division, there's always hope.

    Thanks, and GO CARDS!:smile::smile::smile:
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    Im no fairweather fan, and it seems you arent either. Stuck by them thru all the losing streaks last year and we somehow pulled off the unbelievable. Boy, what a magic autumn it was:laugh2:. Yea, this year has been tough so far, but a lot of it has to do with injuries (carp)....well, that is a good excuse anyway. Just doesn't seem like the team has very much chemistry yet. Rolen and Edmonds seem to be warming up tho and I like what I've seen from Dunc so far. Looper is a stud (who could have predicted that?) and Wellemeyer didn't look to bad either last night. You are spot on with your analysis of the Central Division....pitiful again this year, but I think that works in our favor. Heck, the way the birds have played, they should be 10+ games out. I believe we can still make this a good season...maybe the Cards are just playing this season "Astro Style" (season starts after the All-Star break :wink:). Which is much better than "Cubbie Style" (season starts in April, ends in early August :tounge:)

    Have you made it out to a game yet this year? I haven't...working too much. I would really like to get down there for one, I'm 2 hours north.

    Well, hopefully we can manage a split in Colorado tonight...I know I will be watching.

    From one Cardinals fan to another,
  3. carlg

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    Ryan, thanks for the reply. You indeed sound like a true redbird fan. And, of course, you were right-on with your asessment of the current situation. Its encouraging to see the MV3 finally going on an offensive tear. Heck, by the end of the season, Pujols will probably be at 320-40-120. (And to think, I worried about him........For about 5 minutes).

    As you well know, Mr. Jocketty didn't get to be the best GM in the game today by not knowing how to take a bunch of parts and make CHAMPIONS out of them. And as you so astutely mentioned earlier,this may well be OUR year to breathe down their necks like the Astros did ous in 06.

    So KEEP THE FAITH cardinal fans (and I know we are many, because I see thousands of us in every road stadium we visit), We'll be a factor before it's all over.


    P.S. Nice analogy n that Cubs-Astros comparison.
  4. carlg

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    Oh and by the way,Ryan, I have NOT made it over to the new Busch stadium, but am looking forward to going later this summer.

  5. Stealth

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    Could be worse... you could be across the state and a Roylas Fan.......:embarassed:
  6. carlg

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    Amen to that, although I'll always have a place in my heart for K.C
  7. Stealth

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    They are the farm team for future all stars: Damon, Beltran, Dye, etc.

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