Can't receive text messages?

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by danielleek24, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. danielleek24

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    Can't receive text messages?

    Forgive me for the false identity, but my friend owns the Q and this problem is befuddling her. She cannot receive text messages as of today and she's had the one since about May 26th. I do not have full confirmation on the problem, but some friends tried sending her a text message but she did not receive it whatsoever.

    She tried emptying out her inbox but to no avail, she still could not receive any text messages. I am not completely sure if she can send messages but I'll check up on that later on in the night. I'm hoping someone can help with this problem because she texts like crazy and receives texts like crazy as well. So again, another brief rundown of the problem:

    -Can't receive text messages
    -Problem occurred today
    -Emptied out inbox for the most part (there's a crazy amount of messages in there)

    I'm really hoping someone can help. Like I said, I'll be asking her more about the problem but I guess a bunch of random stuff is happening today such as sporadic beeping (but I guess the problem has subsided for now) and she mentioned some type of problems such as syncing but I gave her a couple of articles to fix the problem so I'll see how she does with that.

    Sorry for such a long first post, it's just that I don't actually own a Q and I just want to help her, along with you readers out by providing as many details as I can.


    I just talked to her and she can indeed sent text message out. It also seems that she cannot sync her Q b/c she has to receive a password through text messaging so that will pose as a problem as well. I'm really hoping someone can help with this one.
  2. FourTwenSesh

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    If your friend sends a text message to herself, does she receive it? I think the beep she is talking about is the unread message alert, which you can switch off in the email account settings.
  3. danielleek24

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    If I remember correctly, the beeps occurred randomly while talking. So unless she was getting text messages then that might be the case. I suppose that would explain why she isn't receiving it now since it's oh...1:11 AM.


    She just texted herself and said that she did not receive it. She is also saying that the beep wasn't a text messaging type beep (I can't verify this because I don't know the difference between the two on the Q but I'll take her word for it).
  4. danielleek24

    danielleek24 New Member

    She tried taking out the battery and putting it back in, nothing. Her friends and I have sent her messages (correctly and everything) but she hasn't receive anything. Nothing seems to work as far as receiving text messages goes.
  5. FourTwenSesh

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    Ok, the first thing is the minute alert (beeps every minute during phone calls) which you can switch off in Start>Settings>Phone Settings>Phone Information - Turn off the minute alert.

    As for the text messaging, I would call the help desk in the morning to sort it out.

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