Can't get Vision to work - Error 1012

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by Schnieds, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Schnieds

    Schnieds New Member

    Can't get Vision to work - Error 1012


    I just got my Sprint phone (Moto Q) with a new 2 year agreement a few days ago. After a half dozen frustrating calls to customer support my number finally got ported from AT&T and now my phone works... for phone calls that is.

    I also ordered the PCS Vision unlimited pack for $15 / month. However, whenever I try to connect to a website in Internet Explorer the following takes place:

    - Open Internet Explorer and click on a Bookmark
    - Internet explorer says "Connecting..."
    - Error: Unable to place call (I press OK)
    - Info: Trying to reconnect with Network (I press OK)
    - Updating Vision Profile. Please wait... Press [End] to cancel.
    - Info: Error 1012 Could not prepare PCS Vision services.

    I called customer service for the 7th time but they were clueless and told me to wait longer and it should turn on. I have waited another day and still nothing. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how I might be able to get this fixed?


  2. winotree

    winotree New Member

    Update Vision Profile

    Not sure how long your post has been up--it's unanswered. :sad:

    Go to Settings--More--More--More--Sprint PCS--Update Vision Profile.

    This will take a minute or so. Always returns me to HomeScreen.

    I use this whenever I run into problem like yours--that and turning the phone (service) off with Wireless Manager (press and hold the home key, then turn phone off, then on.) This helps when I get a no service indicator. :boo--hiss:

    Hope this is understandable--kind of new here and with Q (smartphones in general) and hope it helps. Heck!! Hope you haven't been sitting there for like, forever waitng for HELP!

    :just laughing inside:

    PFMQ--Posted From My Q
  3. UPdownLoAD

    UPdownLoAD New Member

    Find out if your HEX ESN starts with a "0"

    If it does, give up. It's a known issue and you'll have to get another Q.

    I've been told that the new software release will fix that, so you may want to try that first.
  4. 2Pretty_Is

    2Pretty_Is New Member

    That's interesting. I had to call Sprint a few times as well and was told that the Vision website and services on the site were not available on the Q. I've had my Q for a few weeks now and I'm finding out new limitations everyday. I may have to go back to the Treo :(
  5. Schnieds

    Schnieds New Member

    Unfortunately, I still got the Error 1012 after trying to perform a vision update as suggested, but I appreciate the effort and the suggestion!
  6. Schnieds

    Schnieds New Member

    Ok, I can confirm that I got Vision working on my Q.

    I posted in another forum and I got two responses which led me to the solution.

    I called the following Sprint technical support number, which sent me directly to the Advanced Data Technical Support group (almost no wait time.)

    I told them about what was happening and they re-programmed my phone for Vision services while I was talking to them on another line. After a couple of extra setting changes it all worked.

    Vision is awesome, it is super fast and I find browsing on the Q (even in IE) quite enjoyable. Now I need to take the time to figure out how to get Opera-Mini to work.
  7. winotree

    winotree New Member

    Happy, Happy!! Somthing worked out for you--yes the combination is a good one: Q, IE5, and PCS. Dang! Time for work...
  8. NiteGames

    NiteGames New Member

    had the same problem - I had to master reset my phone and then everything returned to normal.

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