Can't Compose Mail or Reply from Yahoo, Help!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pixiegirl729, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. pixiegirl729

    pixiegirl729 New Member

    Can't Compose Mail or Reply from Yahoo, Help!

    I recently bought the Moto Q (my first smartphone), primarily because I wanted to be able to check my email on the road. I've been checking my YahooMail through IE just fine, but noticed that I can't click on the Compose, Reply, Forward buttons. The Q doesn't seem to be reading them as links so I can read my messages, but I can't reply! Kinda defeats the purpose of having gotten this phone, but it's too late, I love it.

    I know I can setup my email through Outlook, but this won't store any messages I send out in my Yahoo account that way will it? I'd hate to have to refer to both YahooMail and Outlook when using my computer to review sent messages.

    I also noticed some posts about YahooGo, but most say that it really drains the battery. Is this something worth getting or is there a way around using YahooMail through a browser on my Q?

    Any suggestions are helpful!
  2. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    well yahoogo is a good program but the newer version they are offering doesnt support the Q. the old one did but the new one is not available for it yet, atleast the last time i checked. as for outlook, if you used the pop3 function you wouldnt be checking the yahoo account on the internet anymore just through outlook so you would have all of the emails in one place.
  3. pixiegirl729

    pixiegirl729 New Member

    Cool, so I downloaded yahoo!go (v.1.0 since 2.0 is not available for the Q yet). I works great for checking and replying to emails.

    However, in my yahoo account I currently use two email addresses (default yahoo mail and a business account [ie.]) which I can toggle through a drop-menu. When I reply to messages from yahoo!go, I don't have a drop-down option, so
    even if the sender emailed me to my business account, when I reply, the reply is sent from my default yahoo account. Is there a way to switch between the two with yahoo!go?
  4. n99hockey

    n99hockey Moderator Staff Member

    i didnt see anything like that while i was messing around with it. that might be an option in v2.0.
  5. jamm4unow

    jamm4unow New Member

    Where can I get yahoo!go version 1.0?
  6. jamm4unow

    jamm4unow New Member

    where did u find Yahoo!go v.1?
  7. slimgdy

    slimgdy New Member

    same problem

    mine worked for a minute fine now I just get the headers and can't open to read it

  8. betulike2know

    betulike2know New Member

    check yahoo website yahoo (2.0) is out for the Q it works great for me ....

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