Can I remove the "Get office Sync" from my home screen?

Discussion in 'Alltel' started by PCWeber, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. PCWeber

    PCWeber New Member

    Can I remove the "Get office Sync" from my home screen?

    Just got a Q9C off Craigs List. Working great. Just dont see a need to waste screen space for this "Get Office Sync" text.
  2. dafoxs

    dafoxs New Member

    Not familiar with that. If it's like every other plugin, the code can be removed from the XML code or if you use facade, may be able to remove it from there. Not sure.
  3. crikev2

    crikev2 New Member

    I got it off of my screen by going through all the steps to install it and set it up then when to the remove programs and removed it, poof it was gone hope this helps, doesn't take long to do.
  4. wingsnut25

    wingsnut25 New Member

    if you change your home screen to one that doesn't have alltel in the name the office sync should go away.
  5. designerinbloom

    designerinbloom New Member

    I changed my Home Screen to make it go away.

    Start -> Settings -> Home Screen

    From there, select the very first item ("Home screen layout") on the menu. I chose Windows Default, but you can try out some others to see what you like best.
  6. jfettig

    jfettig New Member

    Look for this in the xml file:
    <plugin clsid="{somenumbershere}" name="getmail" height="25"/>

    and add <!-- to the front and --> to the back like this:
    <!--<plugin clsid="{somenumbershere}" name="getmail" height="25"/>-->
    or just delete the line all together.

    The xml file is located in:
    \Application Data\Home\

    Find the one you use, edit that line of code, rename it and also rename this line:
    <title lang="0x0409">JFettig(w/ Google Search)</title>
    its right toward the top there are a few for different languages, name them all so your all set.
    I used windows to edit the file but you can get an editor and edit right on the phone.
    Then what you do is change home screens and change back to get it to load after you put it back on the phone.


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