can i do this w/ home screens?

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    Jan 18, 2007
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    can i do this w/ home screens?

    Before making my own home screen, i was wondering if it's possible to...

    [1] Have missed alerts located seperately? (i.e. SMS in top left, voicemail bottom right, MMS top right, etc.)

    [2] Can I use my own label? (i.e. TXT instead of SMS, Pix/Flix instead of MMS, etc.)

    [3] Can I have the value of a field a different color than the label? (i.e. SMS/TXT label be would white and the value (new TXT/SMS messages) would be green or blue)

    [4] Can I change the format of the date from 20-Jan-07 to Jan. 20?


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