Can anyone telle how to transfer a video from my phone to my pc? thanks

Discussion in 'HTC HD7 and HTC HD7S' started by Lue Stafford, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Lue Stafford

    Lue Stafford New Member

    Hi,I take a video on the phone and it will play,the only
    for video is delete? With a photo you can upload to email Facebook etc. So I was wondering if I can send it to my PC? Thanks
  2. ninjaap

    ninjaap Moderator

  3. Rolf

    Rolf New Member

    OK, Zune, one of the crappest software I ever seen. It tries to control you, and I want to be in control of my equipment and files. Anyone know any other software or method that can transfer files between the PC and the HD7. Without that possibility it is a pretty useless and expensive paperweight.
  4. sean reynolds

    sean reynolds New Member

    seriously ??? zune is the best media software i have ever used, and i am very experienced... sounds like an operator error, but try using windows media player, that should work as well...
  5. Rolf

    Rolf New Member

    Seriously, YES, and I have been in IT for about 30 years. Tell me, how do I transfer an Excel or Word file with Zune to my PC. How do I keep my videos in separate directories, how can I encrypt a file to protect it, how do I back up my contacts or files, how do I prevent that information is uploaded to Microsoft servers, how can I install programs without Microsoft getting a cut and controlling what program, how can I read a PDF file, etc.

    I wont bore you with all the problems, but to me Zune is crap of the worst kind and more designed to position Microsoft and its allied to pluck money from my pockets in the future.

    I need something better. Any suggestion welcome.

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