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Discussion in 'AT&T' started by My-Q, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. My-Q

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    Business with ATT

    We are finally have the opportunity to switch to ATT for our cell service, which is something we have been wanting to do for several years. I know we all have horror stories about our carriers, but is there any good reasons for not switching?

    BTW, we currently have VZW.
  2. rudeboy

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    i'm pretty satisfied with Verizon.... good coverage and can't remember the last time a call dropped, which is to me important.
  3. n99hockey

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    and i think ATT was ranked last in network coverage and dropped calls i thought
    or something similar to that
  4. k_semler

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    VZW uses CDMA, while ATT uses GSM. As such, cellular telephones that are compatible with VZW are not compatible with ATT. A purchase of new hardware will be required if you decide to migrate over to ATT. If you were to switch to Sprint, you could simply get your telephone reprogrammed to work on the new provider. Similarly with ATT, if you take out the SIM, and replace it with another GSM carrier SIM, it operate with no issues, (if the unit is not SIM locked), on the new provider. However, it is impossible to take a GSM cellular telephone and have it operate on a CDMA network.

    The only drawback I can find is that you will have equipment replacement costs. Be sure to do a comparison of the service map for your area before you decide on a provider. You have 30 days after signing a new contract to cancel without being subject to an ETF, (so you can try the service to determine if you are satisfied with the provider).
  5. My-Q

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    I just remembered that my wife just got a new phone w/VZW so we will be with them a while. I have to get me a new Q. Mine has died and I am back to my V9m.

    I still may have to get a GoPhone because most of the people I work with have ATT. We had talked about me getting the Unlimited plan so we would not have to worry about minutes.

    Things are still in motion. I am due for Iraq in a year so switching would just be one more headache to deal with.

    Thanks for your input.
  6. sniffs

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    From a business standpoint, and I work for a company who has a HUGE ATT account as well as a semi huge VZ account.

    On ATT, you can have Voice/Data at the same time on their 3G devices, so if anyone has an aircard, you can eliminate that and just tether their phone.

    On Verizon, you must have a phone with data, then an aircard, so pretty much going with Verizon means more $$ you have to spend.

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