Browsing Network drives from your Saga

Discussion in 'Samsung Saga' started by larsdennert, May 27, 2009.

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    Browsing Network drives from your Saga

    Windows CE has always supported connecting to Windows shared drives/folders but it never worked very well. You can open the file explorer and go Menu, Goto, Open Path and try to connect to shares.

    So here's a little tutorial on how to do it (better).

    On your windows PC share a folder from windows explorer. You must have admin rights. Say you share your My Documents folder and call the share MyDocs. You must know the machine name of your PC too. Control Panel, System, Network Computer Name. For my example Lars. It is possible that you need NetBios/NetBui installed in your adapter configuration.

    Download BizzDev Netuse to the phone and install it. It small and installs system files so I'd say to phone and not card. You can google it or get it here

    Connect your phone to your network via wifi and make sure you have a good ip. Usually if you can browse the internet your good. In the Netuse app create a new path. Call it MyDocs for instance and the path would be \\lars\mydocs It may ask for credentials if you have a secured share. The new share will show up on the list and double clicking it will browse it with File Explorer. From there you can copy files back and forth between the phone storage and network drive.

    To make things easier, go into the Netuse Tools, options and check the box "Show the network folder" Now every app including File explorer will have your shares as part of the PPC OS.

    You can use this for any adhoc network too so long as the Saga and PC are in the same ip space and can see each other. I'm working on getting the POS VPN on the Saga to connect too through the EV link. That way you can vpn into a corporate network and browse files. I haven't gotten the Saga to play nice with our VPN router. I haven't figured out what protocols the Saga supports. It has two options PPTP and L2TP but doesn't specify the handshake and encryptioin methods that the phone supports. It obviously doesn't support the configuration I have in place for our laptops.

    You may be asking yourself why? If you are somewhere and don't have a crazy Samsung USB cable you might be able to have someone set up a quick share to transfer files instead of trying to email them.
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    hey lars...isn't live mesh perfect for this? you can sync any pc folder to another pc or mobile and give rights to anyone to share.
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    Looks cool. I'll have to check into it now that they really developed the platform. Thanks

    Still, connecting to a random computer or network the above is useful.
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    very true...and agree! do check out LM. works really is browser based via mobile and pending on signal can take a bit to browse said file to download but the share is quite cool. and the cloud storage is substantial!

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