Bricked my JACK??

Discussion in 'Samsung Jack' started by biggdogg40509, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Bricked my JACK??

    I tried searching, but not sure if i used the wrong terms.... please go easy.
    I just recently got a JACK, app onlocked it, yada yada-I felt pretty confident, being a Blackberry expert somewhat for years I felt comfortable making changes to my new WinMo device. Well, I had rebooted the device after adding a few things and all i get now is the Samsung splash screen then it goes to black. The keys light up and the pc seems to recognize it being hooked up, is there any way to factory flash this or reinstall the ROM? I tried using the upgrade stuff from the Samsung site, but it doesn't end up connecting?
    I get the normal connection noise, then it does a quick "boom boom boom"......which i take it to be an error sound or something?
    Any help is appreciated!!
    I know for Blackberry there is a backdoor into the apploader, is there anything similar for Samsung or this device in particular??

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