Bored - Let's Talk Bluetooth GPS

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by Lucky13MN, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Lucky13MN

    Lucky13MN New Member

    Bored - Let's Talk Bluetooth GPS

    UPS Tracking has confirmed delivery of my new Freedom keychain Bluetooth GPS.

    Since I'm sitting here at work and can't try it out, I figured we could chat about it to pass the time until I can get home and play.

    What's your favorite application to use with it?
    Google Maps
    Windows Live

    Is the COM port always the same one on all Q's for this or is it going to be a hit and miss thing?

    Any tips and tricks?

    Lastly, please don't respond with 'do a search' because I have, problem is I don't really know what exactly I want to know, I just want others input on it in general.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Lucky13MN

    Lucky13MN New Member

    Hot topic I see :tounge:


    Man this is awesome! The Freedom keychain GPS paired up no problem and both Google Maps and MS Live Search or whatever work great with it.

    I'll give it a better run tomorrow while I drive to work and see how well it keeps up.

    VERY satisfied so far.

    I went so far as to remap my Home key to open Live Search instead of the Quick App application.

    GPS seems to work in my pocket in the middle of my house... pretty amazing compared to earlier technology that needed a clear unobstructed view of the sky to function.

    If all goes well I may go as far as to sell my Garmin Nuvi 360 and just use this from now on.

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  3. Norfolk Q

    Norfolk Q New Member

    how is it?

    Talk to us! How does it work? How well? Did it pair up with your Q with no troubles? What COM port? Are you using any after market mapping software or just Live/GoogleMaps? If so, what software? Does the software do text to speech? How fast does it acquire sats?

    Norfolk Q
  4. zenkinz

    zenkinz New Member

    I was playing with my friend's BT GPS receiver (just quick fiddling, didn't spend too mujch time, so I could be missing something), and while I can pair with the BT receiver, I can't seem to connect to it via com port. What are the steps I need to do after pairing?
  5. Lucky13MN

    Lucky13MN New Member

    Works great!

    I have used it with GoogleMaps, MS Live and gpsVP (all free).

    For pairing I just pair it and then go to Bluetooth Manager / Menu / Serial Ports

    Check the serial port number (usually 1). Then go to the GPS settings in whatever software you use and select that COM port.

    There's a hack to make it automatic as well (post in the hacks section).

  6. ganttguy

    ganttguy New Member

    What carrier are you with? I've heard rumblings about Verizon Q's not playing well with Bluetooth GPS, and I'm trying to see if there are success stories before sinking money into something that may become an instant boat anchor.
  7. Lucky13MN

    Lucky13MN New Member

    Alltel, I've read the same about Verizon and I think it's shady as can be of them to be so nickel and dime about it.
  8. oresteez

    oresteez New Member

    lucky do you have a data plan on your phone?
    i'm thinking of a similar setup, but i dont have a data i'm guessing i would just have to get a hold of a map software which includes all the maps that i can save to my sd card..
  9. Lucky13MN

    Lucky13MN New Member

    Yes I do.
    The gpsVP software allows you to use downloaded maps, so maybe that's an option too.

  10. zenkinz

    zenkinz New Member

    thanks, I didn't see that. Managed to get Garmin Mobile XT running on my Q9h! it connects through the bluetooth port directly and automatically, instead of com port (which is com1 as you have said)
  11. larsdennert

    larsdennert Active Member

    I have this same BT receiver with my VZW Q1 and it is awesome. gpsvp is kind of cool because you can get so many detailed statistics just like a handheld gps including how many satellites it sees. I loaded the americas and world maps on my SD card. Doesn't require a data plan either.

    However for navigation and live traffic I think google is my choice. Live search is good too. I have unlimited data.

    I've been messing with Navizon (my ref code is 5E585F5C5D) mapping cell towers to improve their system for others with no gps and when my gps isn't handy I can use that but I think that will be short term. I'm not going to get lost in areas I've mapped (duh) and the "real" gps is much more accurate.

    It seems that BT maps to COM1 all the time so set Google/Live/GPSVP to that.

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