bluetooth password

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by toohey, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. toohey

    toohey New Member

    bluetooth password

    I have a bluetooth headset, but for the life of me I cant remember the password for it. As a result, the q will not allow me to pair with it. Is there a way to figure out or reset the password for the headset? Is there a default password for the motorola bluetooth headsets?
  2. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    did you try 0000 ?
  3. toohey

    toohey New Member

    I will try that.

    Since you know about most things Q, do you know how to get the audio for WM to go through a headset. Mine just goes through the speakerphone.

  4. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    are we talking about a Bluetooth headset ? if so; go to Bluetooth Manager > Settings > Menu > Advanced > Use Hands-free for standard audio.
  5. toohey

    toohey New Member

    That setting appears to be clicked on, but I have not tried to get the audio through my bluetooth because of the password problem. So, I have been using a wired headset.

    I can try the bluetooth if I can get it working. But, is there a similar solution for a wired headset?
  6. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    i would assume (haven't used a wired headset w/ the Q) the sound goes to the headset once you plug it in..
  7. pyrobling

    pyrobling New Member

    Another unfortunate possiblity....there may be a defect in the BT modem or there may be something missing in the profile setting in the registry of the device.

    Fairly easy way to test that...use Sprite Backup?

    Backup your device... now have someone backup theirs. Whipe your device with a hard reset...have them do the same....make ANOTHER backup of their device whiped....this will give you the registry settings for a device that is working properly. Then just reload your original backup.

    This is kind of a hypothetical idea I just had to do the 45min-1.5hr wait the techs do inside of 15 mins. This will also allow you to possibly save yourself some time and trouble to know if it is working right and just a setting or if it is a hardware malfunction.

    Hope this is at least an idea to help a this way we can kind of troublshoot a little more indepth then the techs (no offense to any of mine).

  8. cgoodhue

    cgoodhue New Member

    that worked
  9. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member


  10. maged

    maged New Member

    i have blutoth motorola 3100 i need the passward to paried with backberry curve
  11. ParaCAD

    ParaCAD New Member

    The default for most any BT headsets is "0000"
  12. Que

    Que New Member

    Many BT devices will reset back to factory new settings if you hold down the Volume Up and Volume Down controls simultaneously until the LED begins to flash red and blue.
    You can then use the standard "0000" password.

    Don't forget to delete from your Q any BT pairing profile that may have been created for that headset when you were initially trying to get it working.
  13. Jeff Stanley

    Jeff Stanley New Member

    Thanks. It still works!
  14. Mandy

    Mandy New Member

    It actually worked, thanks a bunch!! :D

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