Bluetoooth wm6.0 AsusM530w

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    Bluetoooth wm6.0 AsusM530w

    Hello, question:
    I'm owner of a smartphone AsusM530w(blackbarry) when i'm setting up bt then my phone has comm whit my carphone (radio+bt). But cannot receive files from nokia6300 when we are using bt. try hole bunch of things. my smrtph recognised and accepts comm. whit the nokia6300 by using password and then when nokia is ready to send files my wm6.0 phone is answer; no bt file accepts. it don't talks about an error it ignores to receive the files from nokia. i'l can send files to nokia. so it seems there is a s/w blockage inside wm6.0 for bt to receive files but what?? also settingup new comport 6 or 7 but still refuse.
    Is there someone whit a tip?
    Thanks and regards.:dft002:zombie

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