Black Motorola Q Question

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by delta5, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. delta5

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    Black Motorola Q Question


    I have a nice black Q that is updated to MOL3 that I am thinking about re-activating soon. Is this still a useable phone with windows mobile 5? I want to take it on the road with me in a semi truck and use it mostly for telephone calls and text messages. I plan on installing that $30 messenger program so I have Yahoo IM. Can anyone tell me what other updates are available from Motorola? I cant run the updater here until I activate it again. Im told there is an MOL4 at least? Is motorola still supporting this phone at all?
  2. mike250rs

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    It is a good solid device. I used my Q1 for years as a driver.

    My advice.. get a unlimited data plan.

    Install Microsoft live (for WM5). This app has saved my ass many times. You can even look at the customer with the satalite view and determine if you can park there.

    Also some free IM apps like Slick & palringo work good on it.

    The MOL update depends on your carrier.
  3. delta5

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    Its a black Verizon business Q they gave me after 3 bad silver ones with freezing problem they had. It is updated to MOL 3 right now. Isnt there an MOL 4 update now?
  4. mike250rs

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    not sure with verizon. MOL 3 was the big fix for them. Main thing with the Q1 is to watch the memory. Run low on it and bad things start to happen.
  5. n99hockey

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    it doesnt matter if there is even a MOL4 because your phone is out of warranty and the updater wont work

    and why on earth would you buy a $30 messaging program!?
    there are dozens of free ones that get all the IM clients check out our official software thread in the software forum

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