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Discussion in 'Windows Phone Apps and Games' started by meridian, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. meridian

    meridian Member

    I'm loving the try-before-you-buy feature for the games. Favourites so far are SW:Hoth, Max and the Magic Marker, and Frogger.
  2. Jez Lacey

    Jez Lacey New Member

    I'm loving De Blob Revolution even though it's a bit limited, and Glow: Artisan even though the later levels are driving me crazy. Max and the Magic Marker is brilliant as well!
  3. izzypizzy

    izzypizzy Member

    I like Krashlander. I wish there were more levels though, and on some of the levels is a very slight stutter. The author says he's working on a fix to smooth it out, and says he also plans on bringing out more levels.
  4. izzypizzy

    izzypizzy Member

    Oh and Monopoly! My favorite board game ever, and it's great on the phone. I've only played against the computer, you can choose from 1 to 3 other opponents, but there is also an option to play with other people.
  5. meridian

    meridian Member

    I played Monopoly for about 30 seconds before hitting delete. Maybe I should try it again...
  6. izzypizzy

    izzypizzy Member

    I like it. You can choose the difficulty, change some of the rules such as free parking, double amount when you land on GO, house limit, auctioning etc. You can shake the dice or you can just click the screen to throw em out faster. There's trading as well, and the pieces all have different animations, the race car drives etc.
  7. juniour

    juniour New Member

    My fav has to be Decimation X2.....this retro thingy really makes my head go boom. Another one would be OMG : Our Manic Game
  8. EatCereal

    EatCereal Member

    I've been killing a lot of time playing ilimilo. :) Good times that game has provided. Nice music to boot.
  9. Rammus

    Rammus New Member

    I spend a lot of time playing Pocket_Games - a nice little compilation of "game&watch"-like games. Brings back good old memories of the early days of mobile gaming....
  10. PedroPT

    PedroPT New Member

  11. David Starr

    David Starr New Member

    This youtube channel has some good reviews on Windows Phone games. I check them out a lot cos I havent got my phone yet! lol
  12. adrianashlin

    adrianashlin New Member

    Oh, Monopoly? I loved to play it when I was younger! I'll try it out.

    I'm playing Mycomic (or My Comic, I'm not sure, I always get confused). Not exactly a game, but it's fun to put some talking balloons on the photos of your friends (or enemies, heh) and stuff. I like doing those kinds of "ownd" or "Orly" with photoshop, so yeah. :p
  13. EatCereal

    EatCereal Member

    Finally finished ilomilo! 100% Completed.
    Now I must find a way to finish Max & the Magic Marker.
  14. craowl

    craowl New Member

    Magnet Balls
    Great physics! Great graphics! Highly Addictive game. Just give it a try. You'll love it ;)
    WARNING! It's addictive!

    Have fun
  15. GR2U

    GR2U New Member

    I'll have to try Monopoly, haven't played it since I was young. I want Badland on my Windows Phone.

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