Battery sometimes won't charge

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by tr0910, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. tr0910

    tr0910 New Member

    Battery sometimes won't charge

    Has anyone else had their Q plugged in for several hours and come back to find it wasn't charging at all? I've had this happen both when the phone is turned off, and when it is on. (Using the supplied Moto wall charger)

    Other times, everything works fine.

    Sprint Q with latest firmware (I think)
  2. regression

    regression New Member

    I have had the same thing happen, Sprint Q here also. I just be sure when I plug it in, I see the battery indicator switch to the "plug" symbol. If it doesn't, I unplug and plug back and it works.
  3. mista350z

    mista350z New Member

    Ive had this happen to me off and on since my 3 weeks of ownership. I called sprint and they said its a known issue. They didnt really help fix anything. What I try to do is turn the phone off. plug the charger in and wait until the screen lights up with a big battery charging, then turn the phone back on. Kind of a hassle, but its better than waking up to a dead battery in the morning.
  4. tr0910

    tr0910 New Member

    This happens even when the battery indicator changes to a plug symbol.

  5. tr0910

    tr0910 New Member

    Waking up with a dead battery when it's been plugged in all night is unacceptable.

    Has anybody got Sprint to exchange their Q because of this?

  6. guy369

    guy369 New Member


    Hey, this happens often with my Q....I realized most of the time when my keypad is locked it won't charge, and 'most' of the time when it's unlocked it will charge...So, double check and see if your keypad is locked, if so...The charging is a waste of time!
  7. tr0910

    tr0910 New Member

    Sprint decides to replace Q

    No, my keyboard was not locked.

    After going around with tech support, they decided to send me a new Q from their warehouse.

  8. blazinazn

    blazinazn New Member

    This happens to be all the time. Doesn't look like it's charging but it actually is. Just pull the charger out and then look at the battery life by going to Settings>Power Management. It should give you a good indication of where your battery life is at. Granted you'll probably have to make a call or two because even if you plug it in for a second it says it has full battery life.
  9. aegrant

    aegrant New Member

    Does this happen to you?

    Anytime I need to reboot my Q the battery level automatically goes down one bar - so if I have 4 bars then reboot I will have 3 bars.

    Anybody else have this problem?
  10. FourTwenSesh

    FourTwenSesh Active Member

    Well, that doesn't sound abnormal, boot up sequence is definitely a drain on the battery. That's why I think advice to remove a battery and reboot relating to power issues is not really the best advice. If you are noticing your battery just doesn't cut the mustard anymore, I'd just get a new one. Keep it nice and simple! :laugh2:
  11. knight_47

    knight_47 New Member

    this happens to me all the time. usually i just check to see if it's charging or not, if not i will just un-plug and then re-plug it in, and it eventually works. BUT now my q will not charge AT ALL, neither through USB or the moto charger. When I plug it in via USB, the computer says that "The USB Device is Unrecognized". This is very frustrating! My warranty on the phone is out, and i did not get any insurance on the phone.

    After doing some research, it seems that many people have similar issues. If so, should the defective product be replaced without warrently or insurance? They sold me a defective product for 300 bucks! what the hell?! And my upgrade isn't until december, so i don't really want to wait that long...
  12. jamm4unow

    jamm4unow New Member

    Knight, I'm having the same issue. They told me it was a known issue and that they could get me another phone (Sprint). I told them that I didn't want another phone. My upgrade is in April and they don't want to give me another phone (upgrade Q maybe) until then. I told them also that they sold me a defective product (I've had a lot of problems with it), and that for me it is a Sprint issue and not a Moto Q issue. When I spoke to someone from Sprint yesterday, they told me they would send me out a new phone. However, when she came back, she told me they would charge me a $50 deductible for a phone. I told her that I would go into the store (because they have replaced it without the $50 fee, i think). Now I have to check my old bills to see if they have charged me $50 for each of the times that I have had my phone replaced.

    Anyway, how did you resolve your issue?
  13. mike250rs

    mike250rs New Member

    I'm on my 5th Q1 and have never been charged for a defective/functional issue.
  14. jamm4unow

    jamm4unow New Member

    5th! you've gotten me beat. Do they do the battery swap on you whenever you get a new phone or do you have them mail it to you? Are you with Sprint? If they mail it, have they charged you the $50 deductible?
  15. Acetherockr

    Acetherockr Member

    one thing I know about the standard Lion battery's that are in the Q sometimes they can go crazy and calibrating them fixes the whole issue.
    Have you tried letting your battery drain completely and then charging it all night? It's worked for me a few times :laugh2:

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