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    It’s the little things that make a Windows system great and fun like these app that hardly take any memory. Check out these FREE amazing apps for windows phone and make your come alive with these amazing fun apps and download them right away !

    Love Candle


    Enjoy live love candle on your windows phone. The application features a beautiful candle with burning flame against a beautiful HD background to provide the perfect look and feel of romantic candle. The main feature of the app is the realistic effect of the candle and its sensitivity on accelerometer. A perfect way for lovers to enjoy the candle dinner.

    Love HD wallpaper


    Get awesome lovely love and romantic wallpapers to decorate your windows phone. The main features of the application are :

    1. The wallpapers is divided into various categories like quotes, places, romantic couples, hearts ,etc.

    2. The tiles to choose the wallpaper animates in an awesome way on clicking them.

    3. Beautiful collection wallpapers in high quality.

    Past Scanner


    A fun app designed for pure entertainment purposes. The application scans your past and discovers what you were in your last birth.

    The features of this app are :

    1. A very amusing app that you can always depend on to have moments of fun.

    2. The past image shown guarantees that you will laugh.

    3. Beautiful user interface that will keep you engrossed with this application.

    The application is only designed to have fun among your friends and does not anything in reality.

    Love Scanner


    Gone are the days when you will depend on love calculator for knowing about your love. In this modern era, you need this love scanner to find the chance of your success in love. Along with the result the application also displays an awesome quote to make you realize that life is nothing without love.

    The beautiful user interface will keep you engrossed with the application.
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    Although you've created a great app but it may require some more feature. There were some windows mobile app developers who developed such mobile apps and enhanced it.

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