AT&T Q9 - Release Date?

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9h' started by Austinguy, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. ppcmd

    ppcmd New Member

    Well the better way to say it is the Q9m is like Frankenstein where Moto took parts from this old dead phone and that new yet to live phone and created this new phone. In the end if you are happy with your phone then that is all that matters.
  2. nilch

    nilch New Member

    Q9 release

    Well, over at BGR, they say Sept 25th is NOW the release date for the Q Global - as AT&T calls it.

    Well, lets see.
  3. Austinguy

    Austinguy New Member

    My biz rep said 10/1 when we talked today. Hopefully it will be 9/25 instead.
  4. ppcmd

    ppcmd New Member

    Maybe 10/1 is the business date, you never know with AT&T.
  5. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    I've heard October 4th on the Curve 8310 (that would be Thursday). September 25th (the date I've seen mentioned most) is a Tuesday. AT&T just released the BlackBerry 8820 today 9/20 (Today being Thursday). Others in this thread have said 10/1 (Monday).

    This post on Howard Forums says October 8th (Monday).

    Sept 25: BoyGenius
    Oct 1: Business reps
    Oct 8: Howard Forums

    I have no idea... :angry:
  6. ppcmd

    ppcmd New Member

    At this point AT&T certainly has the phone ready to go and the reasons for not setting and meeting a delivery date are inexcusable. There is just no good reason.
  7. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

  8. ppcmd

    ppcmd New Member

    I received a call from the local AT&T Sales Rep (Data Sales) as promised. She let me know that the on their Wednesday conference call their manager stated October 6th - 9th as the purchase date.

    Now this date does coincide with previous reported Oct 6th dates (but its a Saturday) so the 9th is more likely and continues to be even more disappointing. Personally I am not ordering a phone 3 weeks prior to its "latest launch date" especially since I am porting over. So if Sept 25th works I will be moving and buying if if not I will wait again.
  9. nilch

    nilch New Member

    At&T is just unimaginable in thier slackness

    They should just give it up....
    We have been heraring of the impending release (unofficial) since August and now its been pushed back to October.

    I can't believe their incompetence or what I dont know.

    I am giving up hope for a changeover to the Q9 and I think will just stay with the blackjack.
    anyways my 30 day trial ends on Sept 30th... so
  10. ppcmd

    ppcmd New Member

    I will say this is the first time I have had a AT&T Rep tell me a date. Everyone else is just saying yeah to what they read or their sheets say. So if it is tomorrow then great, if its the 9th, then sure it sucks to wait two more weeks but at least its looking better.
  11. cstewart

    cstewart New Member


    Does anyone find this offer still up on Amazon?

  12. nilch

    nilch New Member

    I had the order on Amazon for the Moto Q9 from At&T. While initially the deliver was shoing Sept 18th - 25gth, after they took off the listing from Amazon, I got a notice saying deliver was for October 1-8th.

    Now it shows expected delivery as October 9th - 18th.
    But the lsiting has gone from Amazon and is not there anymore.
  13. ppcmd

    ppcmd New Member

    Lets face it AT&T can't get their act together unless the other party involved does all the work. The only way the iPhone would have launched on time or in the manner it did was due to Apple's control of it.
  14. ppcmd

    ppcmd New Member

    Mobility Today is reporting that the new launch date is 11/15 but could be sooner. This is based on insider reports that have proven to be accurate in the past. My take is if the delay happens again then it will be a huge issue period.

    I don't put much stock into the new date.
  15. nilch

    nilch New Member

    Well, at least its one less customer for them - vis-a-vis the Q9.
    And i think I will go ahead and cancel out my Amazon order...

    Thugh looking at the AtT price (BGR has a "latest" price sheet for the Q9) at $299 for 2 year contract - the Amazon nets me a $100 savings.
    But again what is the point of a savings, when the phone won't be out for the next God know ho many days, months ...
  16. ppcmd

    ppcmd New Member

    If you have an order with Amazon and you are an AT&T customer with a $100 savings then I would say its worth riding it out a couple of weeks. My desire for the phone is still there but my frustrations are out pacing it and the benefit of an ETF to get this phone 1 or 2 months ago has greatly diminished. My hope is the Oct. 9th date is right (a Tuesday) which is the typical AT&T launch day right.
  17. Austinguy

    Austinguy New Member

    Any update on the Amazon date??? Is it still the 9th-18th? I asked my biz rep today and she said not available yet...
  18. ppcmd

    ppcmd New Member

    Rumors abound, over at HoFo Anubis indicates 3rd week of October right after training for sales folks. So sometime between now and hell freezing over it should launch. Not that I want to be listed as a whiner (like some idiots at HoFo) stated I was. Gee a whiner for being irritated it was taking so freaking long to get a phone out, what can't they cripple it faster? All tongue and cheek ya know.
  19. nilch

    nilch New Member

    Maybe the Kaiser / Tilt will b eout earlier then the Q9, even thoug the Tilt was a newer device as liste initially on AT&T.

    I asked the store rep the other day about the Q9, and all he could day was "probably soon" - since its on the rebate forms...

    Anyway, I am out of the waiting game - cancelled my Amazon order too...
  20. p1cunnin

    p1cunnin New Member

    Rogers Launches Q9h

    I really wish that AT&T would get their act together. Rogers has managed to launch the device today. When I saw the headline I was hoping that it was AT&T.

    (Hmmm... followed the link in the press release and it looks like Rogers is also in "coming soon" mode.)

    Maybe AT&T has to sell a certain number of iPhones before Apple will let them launch anything remotely having the same functionality.

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