ARGH - Bluetooth GPS on Q9m

Discussion in 'Moto Q 9m' started by SuperJETT, Apr 5, 2008.

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    ARGH - Bluetooth GPS on Q9m

    I have the cheapo BT GPS receiver BT-5. It worked fine most of the time with my Q, and I did get it to work with my Q9m at first, but think it hasn't worked since I did the MSU.

    So, it pairs up just fine, it's shown in paired devices, it's checked for Connections Authorized.

    In serial ports, inbound is BTC5: and outbound is COM1:, default device for outbound is BTGPS.

    When I try Windows Live Search on GPS Intermediate Driver, nothing, the blue light on the GPS never comes on showing that it's communicating.

    On COM0, it says Sorry could not communicate with GPS on port 0

    On COM1, it does the same as the intermediate driver and just never connect and keeps saying Getting GPS position...

    HELP, has Verizon locked it out or am I doing something wrong or is there a setting I'm missing?

    We're on vacation next week and I was planning on using it, our kids love watching the miles tick down plus it's handy since we're going to be in areas we've been to before.
  2. SuperJETT

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    Also, in Google Maps, I set it manually to COM1 with no baudrate and get an instant error that it can't find the GPS.
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  4. SuperJETT

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    I've actually done all that in a last ditch effort, nothing. I had used WLS with the BT-5 a lot with my Q, and it did work with my Q9m the first time I tried, but it just won't work again.

    I may give it another go just for the heck of it, but will probably first try it on the other Q9m I have in my office at work that I haven't given to the user yet just to see if it's the Q or the BT-5.
  5. SuperJETT

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    Well, it works again. I switched to the other new Q9m I had in my office and the GPS worked right off like normal.

    I switched back, nothing, so did a master reset (hold center button and power on) and it's fine, just have to reinstall stuff.

    Both Google Maps and Windows Live Search are working.
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    I'm in the same boat. I have a Holux M1000 and the Garmin software on my Q9m. It will detect the GPS but will not display any satallites. I know the GPS works because I hooked it up to my PC and it worked almost immediately. I tried Windows Live on my Q9m and it would not get a GPS signal. Everything is setup correctly on the phone.
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    GPS Bluetooth on Moto Q

    Finally, thanks God, I done it!
    To make google maps recognize a GPS bluetooth in Moto Q do it:
    Download a program called GPS Test V1.04 in site , install in PC than in Moto Q using Activesync.
    With GPS paired in Moto Q, run this program and set GPS in Auto mode. It will release COM1 to input data.
    In google maps, set GPS in COM1 and 38400.
    If need, reboot again.
    Enjoy your GPS!:smile:

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