[APP] WP7 Calendar V1.4 : consult your agendas (Try/paid)

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    WP7 Calendar has been uptaded in V1.4 : Live tile lives !
    This app enablesyou to consult the calendarssynchronizedwithyour Windows Phone. The application has been designed to be Clean, Simple and Effective

    With the version, I focused on live tiles.
    Tile Day
    - A new tile : double text
    - Use of back tile to display appointment of tomorrow
    - 5 options to customize tile
    - Up to 8 appointment displayed on the tile
    Tile week
    - Use of back tile to display next week
    - 3 options to customize the tile
    Your turn to play now, customize your tiles !
    Below, you can find 2 screenshots
    WP7 Calendar
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    Version 1.5 is available since 19th of august.

    features of this version are :
    Search in the calendar
    Filter account
    Filter private appointements
    Color choices range increased for account
    all status (Appointments) are now displayed
    Metro design apply to the general screen

    Below you can find some screenshots of this version

    Best regards
    WP7 Calendar
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    It is with pleasure that I announce that the WP7 Calendar V1.7 is available
    The contents of this version are as follows:
    - New layout for displaying month view
    - New month view
    - The trial version is now usable 5 days

    The display of the month view is more "classical" with the use of triangle to materialize an appointment in the morning or afternoon. This helped to increase the size of the day to make it more readable.
    The current day is now surrounded by a frame of color accent.

    I also created a new month view. This view displays a day, the details of appointment. This is to avoid switch between the day and month view to find availability.
    I hope you like it

    And finally, I change the management of my trial which was no longer appropriate.
    You can use the application for 5 days without any restriction. You "just" a pop up at the launch of the application indicating the number of days remaining

    good use
    WP7 Calendar

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