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    BootyShaker - the app uses your phones accelerometer and touch input to manipulate round object joggling as realistic as possible on any selected image.

    • Create new projects using pictures from your phone gallery or taken with your camera
    • Add circle regions to the image
    • Scale and rotate the image in the design window
    • Run your project and make the marked circle regions wiggle by shaking the phone or by touching the screen.
    • Set some advanced settings for your project: gravity, damping, weight, frequency
    • Set overlapping circle regions to merge or overlay
    • Save a project

    There are some similar apps out there, but it was developed without any influence of predecessors, which makes this app stand out from the rest:
    • Objects react to actual gravity, not just the shake gesture.
    • User friendly UI and easy editing

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    The app has a trial option which has almost all that you need: you can save up to three projects and add two shake objects. The trial is also ad supported, which you can get rid off for just 0.99$

    Get the app from WP7 marketplace

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